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  1. FPS

    I don't know why but it seems my FPS is suffering even more now, I can't break 60 fps on any settings. In the open world I'm getting like 40 fps and in dungeons it is around 50-65 fps.
  2. Daily Spin not recieving rewards

    It only gives the one you land on now I think.
  3. FPS

    Same thing happened to me, was running everything maxed out getting ~120fps in solo dungeons and ~90 fps in non-crowded zones. Now I get maybe 80 fps in dungeons if I am lucky and below 60 fps in open world zones. And I did a dungeon with 1 other person on 4 for my settings with no Bloom/Blur/Filter etc... and got 30 fps or less. Please make the optimization better, I just started playing and want to be able to play with consistently good frame rates. Running FX8350 4.5Ghz 8 GB Ram DDR3 R9 390 8GB