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  1. daily dash got reset

    Daily dash restarted at the beginning without gives Loyalty Insignia WTF.
  2. Mob Resetting

    I have the same problem with my Warlock and my Summoner. I am on 9-12m from the monster and i am hitting him, and the monster is aggro to me and in some time the HP and aggro of the monster is resting and i need to move closer to him like melee character to kill him. This is so annoying .
  3. You have exceeded your purchase limit?

    I have the same problem. How can i send ticket, ingame or in forum
  4. Warlock Leveling Event.

    Ok i got my bundle. Thx
  5. Warlock Leveling Event.

    Why i don't get anything after update. It does take time, or is in-game bug. Will i get them? Name: HateYouAll server: Windrest
  6. Warlock Leveling Event.

    I reach lvl 45 with my Warlock 2 days ago on 07.03.2016. And i don't get anything after server maintains. Is there any GM or petition i can complain
  7. GTX 960 OC 4GB vs R9 280 4GB

    This are no bullshits. I saw with my eyes weaker GPU on Nvidia to make 15-20fps more from Ati GPU. On Nvidia optimized 3D shooter.
  8. Hi. I plan to buy a new GPU. I will choose between this 2 models GIGABYTE N960OC-4GD and GIGABYTE R938XG1-GAMING-4GD My hardware Intel® Core™ i5-6500 Processor /3.2G/6M/BOX/LGA1151 2X8G DDR3 2133 KINGST PREDATOR GIGABYTE GA-H170-D3H Samsung 850 EVO Series, 250 GB SSD As I see the Radeon is better technically speaking... But as I know some games are optimized for Nvidia, so what will be the best choice for me. BTW I test the Nvidia for couple of days and I am not very fascinated... with all effects on. On bosses like Poharan and Мistery man its lagging a lot. but solo and normal partys is around 60-100fps.