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  1. update: got a brilliant venture token and managed to buy some keys. NOTHING worthwhile. i'm so upset. ):
  2. no, i mean, the first dash ended on a wednesday during maintenance, even though it said people had another day left. ):
  3. didn't the same thing happen with the first daily dash? and i don't think anyone got any compensations for stopping at 99, sadly. ):
  4. and all i got so far were 2 pirate emblems for 5s and that stupid mushin tower potion for 1s. ):
  5. this is lowkey where i wish there was an option to sort players for parties based on AP the most. a lot of dungeon requirements made by elitist players are simply stupid, but in this case it would make a lot more sense. this way, casual players struggling to get to 400AP would still be able to enjoy the content, since they would be playing with same-leveled people.
  6. it can be quite annoying when someone steals your rescue/jar/whatever it is, but then again, you have to kill one hundred of those *cricket* mobs to complete a daily quest and earn your money, so hey, your effort is not completely wasted. just move on to the next spot, or go kill a boss while the villagers and jars respawn. if someone was a jerk to you, as you put it, when you weren't even following them around in the first place - what makes you think they're gonna suddenly learn how to be polite and patient with you doing exactly what they did, and profiting from it?
  7. if the 6v6 arenas are actually functional and somewhat lag free for us, it will be an incentive for more people to keep upgrading their gear - pvp players who didn't have to worry about stats will have to grind for mats same as pve players, which will, ideally, lower the prices eventually since more people are farming/selling them. ideally. maybe gold buyers will wreck the system for good. anything can happen, i guess?
  8. yay! i'm so happy they're working hard on releasing new content to keep up with the asian servers! it's not like we have a heap load of bugs and issues to fix in order to make gameplay more enjoyable for the vast majority of the player base! hooray! i'm very interested in that 6v6 arena though. in other servers, it's gear based, and i hope they keep it that way for us.
  9. it worked after restarting the game???? wow. i envy you guys. ): but yeah, d/cs are getting more and more frequent, took me way longer than necessary to get my bsh shields because the game crashed 4 out of 5 times i tried to enter the dungeon.
  10. i have had this issue for over a month now, restarting/reinstalling doesn't work. ):
  11. yep, i can only talk through whisper or regular /say chat. it's annoying as hell. ):
  12. i've had this issue since before unchained came out. it's loads of fun. can you see faction or region chat? because i can't. :) i've sent tickets regarding this issue and they have promised me fixes but so far nothing. it's really frustrating.
  13. or you can, you know, join a guild and farm the dungeon for the recipe for free...
  14. oh c'mon, true profane is not difficult at all to get. might be a little time consuming depending on your luck with rng but that's it. from siren/oathbreaker onwards, the way i see it, it's meant to be challenging, so that most people will always have something to do. you can easily beat the entire story and get to level 50 with true profane; after that, it's a matter of combining grinding with other activities, such as helping your clan advance or going for blackwyrm/the silverfrost faction dailies. i like that things are expensive and that the game doesn't give you what you need
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