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  1. Bonjour, Je me demandais si il serait possible d'unifier le serveur FR avec l'EU car ça devient désespérant de trouver une partie pour faire les raids, il ne reste plus grand monde sur ce serveur, je suis aller faire un tour sur le serveur Jinsoyun et il y avait beaucoup, BEAUCOUP plus de monde. Ca donne pas trop envie de jouer quand on doit attendre 20min pour faire UN raid, surtout quand on aimerait les faire sur plusieurs persos.
  2. Yeah, you will fix tomorrow because you know people sell venture token and lot of people wait premium to sell their venture token for buy Gem powder and with premium = more HMCoin. lel@ncsoft.
  3. I'm calm. I just don't like troll. And yes, it's what i sayed, you need to farm like hardcore gamers to have 800ap. But for 800ap you need lot of gems with AP and not just gems hexagonal, but heptagonal gems. And sorry but if you have payed 100keys or you have premium account, you are not f2p. =D
  4. So you are just rank 5 with Premium account + 150 keys+ + outfits. LOL Nice troll, yup.
  5. I see that on other topic. i just laugh so hard. Please stop troll.
  6. Tell me what rank are you on premium, just for laugh. How much time you have played ? How much time to have 800ap ?
  7. Tell me what rank are you on premium, just for laugh. How much time you have played ? How much time to have 800ap ?
  8. I don't need mmo to play game btw. And dude, you are premium you have pay for that. Go learn what mean F2P. And sorry but it's the first game than i see who you need to be Premium for farm gold. LOL. Good for you if you are close to 800ap.
  9. Try on other server ? I have 7 character 50 than i have before replay. I don't want re-do. lol And All French server are the same server. Really doable 800+ AP on F2P ? I think you troll hard to say that. I never seen ANY player with 800AP without P2W. And it's an other topic to say how Ncsoft have totally ruined this game. That's all. Thank you byebye. Have nice P2W in your ruined game. :D
  10. Hello, First, sorry for my english. I have played this game since 21 january and i stop when P2W come in game, mars or april i don't remember, since first event trove. I come back since few weeks with the premium gift for 2 weeks and i noted : Just to do short : - With high end PC, game freeze/crash when 20+ players attack or less something. ( it's pretty cool in raid when you don't have chest or when you kill yeomchul in SSP ). I think the game is coded by studiant or maybe kids in school who learn programmation. - Latency is just joke,
  11. Lol no pas du tout. Déjà qu'avec une config HDG il tourne mal. Alors avec la tienne... Peut être au minimum tu pourras avoir 30fps et encore seulement si tu joues en 720p. Et je ne parles pas des dungeons 24.
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