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  1. SEA server > Oceanic Server

    Be it SEA or NA. Still i think its poosible to bring down the pings/latency. Of course its not online our ISP side have to do rerouting or whatever. NCwest also have to focus on this issue too. Putting in server may cost alot for NCwest/NCsoft, i believe making it less ping will be a better choice for them. OR make everyone 200ms ping!!!!! muhahahaha ^.^
  2. 2nd march patch summary

    Not that i am complaining. Everyone will reach there at some point. Just the matter of how you get there. Yes i am paying a taxi to get there, but that doesn't mean u wont get there without your hardwork. Its all purely depend how u look at it. The end result all will get what they want and also would not it be better if the content is longer? Just a question i wanna ask everyone
  3. 2nd march patch summary

    to be frank u no need to buy tons of gold. just by dailys itself u already get 10g +- and of coz needless to say u earn those crafting etc. Also i wont denied the fact that i bought alot of ncoin to buy gold. Currently now Premium rank 10. Not to showing say that i am p2w. cause till now NCsoft does not produce anything to make u p2w. You saying we get every bit of content the game has to offer and its our fault? hmmm i dont think so, till now i only complete BSH one time due to the fact we as a working adult we dont have much time to play. Of course one of my enjoyment is to watch my character grow. But it seems like nothing is growing from the new patch. Last of all please dont argue in here, each and every individual has different kind of thoughts. Be kind, Be forgiving cause no one is prefect. Thank you
  4. 2nd march patch summary

    Just in short, there is nothing to do for those who has already maxed out. This patch if lab dungeon is just going to drop clothes or other stuff then there is no point doing 6-4men... Legendary or not is not that important. Sooner or later legendary will be out. Is just give us an upgrading path if not there is really nothing to do or look forward to. Then maybe for those people with true siren or true profane they will said maybe its enough. Then they will stop. Upcoming warlock class is good---- more option for players. Launching of Lab dungeon only drop clothes?--- should we be happy? Launching of Endless tower 8F ---maybe good for some people Oh well, kind of wasting another 4-8hours of down time.
  5. Oceanic players unite!

    Bump to this thread. i also from singapore. Hoping NCsoft can hear us and do something about the pings for us. Anyway just about to quit due to pings. Info about my char Premium rank 9 Oh forgotten to say that received an email from NCsoft, saying to me to ask me wait for the new patch to see hows the pings like. Hope the pings will improve
  6. Ping booster/Oceanic server for Oceanic players

    support to your thread from singapore too
  7. Oceanic Servers

    Supporting this thread.
  8. Oceanic/Australian Latency to NA is a Joke.

    i place my support to you guys i also having ping isse. My ping NA server was 250ms or more. btw from singapore.
  9. Suggestion only

    this only apply in pve not pvp....its not p2w... anyway its just a suggestion. NCsoft will do it or not we also cant determine
  10. Suggestion only

    Feb 16, 21:02 Hi jp, May I suggest something which helps those people who has high ping and willing to pay more to be on par with those people who has lesser pings. As we know people are trying out this game from all around the world. Pings will be the issue for them. Thus to fight pings and move on with the game the only thing is defense and attack. This is just a suggestion to help both players and ncsoft in order to make the game better. Member benefits 1)Rank 1-4 stay the same 2)Rank 5 increase attack and defense 10% 3)Rank 6-9 stays the same including the increase. 4)Rank 10 increase attack and defense 25% The above suggestion is just an example. As we know once the game move on to another level it will only get harder. This will really helps those players who are fighting for pings.
  11. Suggestion.

  12. Suggestion.

    I would like to suggest that more dance moves. More event like this sync group or more lively than the current ones. For example 【EXID】Up & Down or 【EXID】AH YEAH AOA heart beat dance moves haha.