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  1. How many HQ Fabrics do you get from destroying a 1199 Coins (almost 15€) outfit? Like 1-3? Thats ridiculous.
  2. Yeah, guess its 1250. Anyways, i dont even think there will be enough idiots that salvage shopoutfits for all the ppl that wanna have outfits from the vendor.
  3. I really, really hope they'll add a new way to get them. Maybe a Vendor who trades them for Valor Stones or smt. Otherwise the prices will skyrocket extremly.
  4. Price for HQ Fabric is now at 9g. Expecting to pay 50g+ each if they dont change it. Greedy company is greedy. And dont tell the ppl its because of bots. They're already changing the market with Soulstones and other farmable things.
  5. Are they adding any new ways to get the Fabrics? Or still only from salvaging shop outfits? Would be kind of greedy if not.. Even the new Achievmentpoint Shop needs loads of em.. Prices are already rising into nowhere.
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