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  1. Status Quo for OW PVP?

    Why would I want to join the side that has cancerous players like that? I don't want to be associated with that garbage.
  2. Ram 4gb

    You can get 8gb of DDR3 ram for like $35-40 USD. Just buy more ram (assuming you have an open slot or two).
  3. NEW Class Soul Fighter

    The servers don't lag, because assuming the servers are in Seoul, half the entire population of the country lives within the greater Seoul/Incheon area. And even if they were in Busan, that is still only like 150mi away. Not to mention their internet connectivity is excellent there. Would not surprise me if those in that metro area had a 10-15 ping to the game servers, and even those in Busan not more than 25ms. The US servers being located in TX gives all the large population centers in the US a relatively equal footing for ping. (CA, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, East coast, FLA)
  4. Status Quo for OW PVP?

    What part of what they did involved pvp? They never actually fought us. They exploited the fact the respawn watchtower is untouchable to glide in immune to retribution and kamikaze people. To say nothing of the unflagged summoner taunting. The destroyer was able to just repeatedly do this and kill probably a dozen+ people at a time without any effort. Inviting this sort of 'tactic' and condoning it just ruins the game for everyone. It just promotes other people to ALSO do the very same bad behavior and just make faction "warfare" cancer for everyone. You don't start at 0 just by dying. You only (theoretically) lose credit if you are loading or in the middle of running back from respawning when the boss dies and haven't yet "tagged up" on the boss to re-establish your credit. Supposedly NCsoft has admitted this lack of credit problem is a bug, but who knows when they will ever get around to fixing it.
  5. I use that term loosely, as it seems too many are only interested in griefing, not actual pvp. Should I expect faction warfare to basically just not be worth doing at all? As it seems people are only interested in engaging if they can zerg people, or when putting inordinate amounts of effort into elaborate griefing plans. (And I've played pvp MMOs going back to Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot, among others) My experience at my first Blackwyrm tonight was probably the worst experience I've ever had in a pvp game. As others have undoubtedly experienced: The enemy faction (Crims) were employing a flagged and unflagged summoner to repeatedly divebomb the raid and taunt the boss to spread poison. On top of that, they also had a destroyer similarly striking immediately after the unavoidable daze the boss does in order to wipe out most of the raid with ragewhirling. What made it especially pathetic was that you have virtually no recourse against it. They glide in from their respawn nest, which we cannot get to... then wallwalk up the tree at the edge of the cliff to gain distance. They are too high to touch with any grip skills until they choose to drop in ... at that moment mentioned above. Not to mention the way targeting is handled in the game, you almost cannot target him directly at close range, because the boss gets overwhelming priority... which are most of your good CC abilities. The predictable conclusion of course, is that I didn't even get credit for the kill despite being there an hour. And I wasn't loading or corpse running when the boss died either. The entire experience was awful and pretty much the most pathetic display of griefing cowardice I've ever seen.