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  1. 37 minutes ago, Baby Vivie said:

    both troves before this one, hundreds of keys used, nothing to show for it.  bad RNG, this one spent 200 bucks, nothing to show for it, BAD RNG,  and i wasnt going for the hepta.  even if i was, as stated before, 100% comp would be taking all you already gotten from trove, all you got from selling stuff you got on trove, and then giving you back your keys.  that would be fair right.  then no cash spent that was not used correctly on your end or theirs right?  but thats a trove total reset, not a compensation.  a compensation is NOT getting double what you should have, like people on here are crying for.  not taking back what you already gotten yet giving you a ton of keys = to what you already used is not compensation, nor fair to those who waited to buy keys, or could not buy keys yet due to the glitch being discovered. thats like going to a burge joint, ordering a meal with unsalted fries, and when you get your meal, the fries have salt, you complain, they make you new fries, not a whole meal.  greedy greedy millennials thinking they are worth more then they are


    Why u even going at millennials greedyness? (sry engrish), it has nothing to due with it, I created this thread so I could ask for a refund, but that refund implied my items getting reseted as well, I don't want double profit, I bought keys for gems, even if I don't get them I'll be sad, but dang it. The only thing I'm frustrated about, and motivated my post was the fact that u literally had 0% change of getting heptagonals! Stop being the devil's lawyer as they are only right to compensate us, wether it's a full reset on trove items wether it is some crits. I just can't live with the fact this rich company is fooling their clients in such an event where they advertise something with 0,00000000000% chance of dropping, stop playing the I'm such an adult game, and get real with the facts. Even if u disagree on full refund you have to agree that asking for that is not being greedy, is fairness. As we should've gambled with some chance of getting what was advertised. That's where they failed. Period. 

    Now if you can't interpretate what people write or if you wanna interpretate it as you want that's on you. But my intention in this post was just to be sure my complaint was public. As the support doesn't give a crap about us. Might as well show the facts as they are. And the facts are that the gambling conditions weren't fullfilled by the "house". With that being said, NC didnt do their part, which was guaranteeing the right conditions to gamble. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, Baby Vivie said:

    Yes i do think 5 is good.  Think about what was affected, the possible crits right?  so left them get a new key for when it should have been a crit to have a chance to get a good crit.

    makes logical sense.  and i also spent on keys, about 200 bucks worth.  so yeah, i think its damn fair.  most folks are crying way more then needed, like a child crying for death after stubbing a toe.  

    As your logic has no logic, I must conclude you're a rich person that can wipe his butt at 200€... I opened 200 keys and I dont think 10 are enough to compensate the crime they commited.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Baby Vivie said:
    As for the comp, i think 5 free keys for every 100 used (as in USED, not bought) would be fair. Good rng is about 1/20 for a crit. so give them a chance to get a good crit for the number of fair crits they could have had and had no possibility of a good crit, like hept gems.
    It is reasonable, yet not over powered comp. Though, i know many will complain. Specially like some of the folks on reddit who are like "I want all keys back, but dont touch what i already got"

    u think 5 keys are good for 100 keys?! 5 KEYS FOR 60 EUROS?! you alucinating?? what's wrong with these ppl...

  4. The thing is not about being crying monkeys or thinking the roll back is fair for every1, I'm not crying about my roles, my rng has always been bad, and ofc they don't force you to gamble, but if they say you have a chance of getting something as heptagonal gems, you can't have a 0% roll chance in the whole west. It's not I'm mad about my rng, is that they created the pitty policy, and lowered rng in taiwan and they lowered our rng to 0% 0000000 and that's false advertising, it's criminal. That's why they care, cuz they are stealing money. When you go to a casino you know that there are chances to get something, and if you lose you go along with that, and forget it. Here? They guarantee that it's possible and bug it out making it 0%. It's a crime they have to think of a really good compensation.

  5. 11 minutes ago, Draknalor said:

    If they diden't give a dam. then they woulden't have disabled the selling of keys or said anything about compensation.


    They are investigating/fixing it because they care.

    Well, as this event is payed, people that pay are waiting for something good, not the eternity they taking nor the shitty compensation we having for sure. NCsoft is interested in your money, that's why they care this time. And even tho they'll give out something like 5 keys rofl

  6. Hope they either re roll the game back or total refund of keys, they may get the materials back as well, but it's unfair that people spend so much money in this game and specially in this event, and what they get is trash. Trash bugs, trash rewards from the money we use... and we ain't talking about 10 euros, we talking about more than hundred for some people... And I am really sad they don't give a damn about us players. You may be a good client and they don't give a damn. And then they give u cloud tokens... Either it's a good compensation or a lot of ppl are leaving the game, as being scammed by a giant company in public is sad. False advertising, and bad service. Well done NCWest. Are you taking the whole event to fix it? Consider on replacing your support team as well as ur technicians...

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