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  1. chapter 6 reaching for the sky pathing bug

    yeah, i figured it out too... this game... lol
  2. chapter 6 reaching for the sky "go to skysage peak by using the path behind the valindria waystation" -there are footstep traces along the waterfall, but the character cannot get close proximity to the waterfall. there is some sort of terrain blocking preventing pathway and therefore cannot walk up the waterfall.
  3. right now, i am sitting at awakend siren. as weapon progression post dictates, i will be going to true siren before i can head to newer weapon system. is this good or bad for me as far as grinding goes? like how rare or not rare will moonwater transformation stones be after tomorrow's patch? it's not like i have gold to upgrade, just want to see how long it will take for me to get there.
  4. Bots/AFK people in dungeons

    NCsoft is notorious for intentionally promoting botting activity from every stand point as a game developer. It has probably been their experience that the bots, RMT traffic heavy games like their Korean Lineage has been so successful, that such tolerance towards activities that promote RMT traffic will always be present. Only way to probably not get butthurt about this is play a different game not made by NCsoft. As long as there is a demand for such bullshit gaming experience such as this, the practice will continue.