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  1. Meh, we got 2 plats and a diamond out of you. You only have 8 people he said so I'm glad we got the better half. Have a nice day Just apply on the links in the forum post :D
  2. From what I've heard was there were not 40 of you, but 8. And 3 of them came to us while the rest of you sat on the fence deciding if you should go CO or not because all you wanted to do was kill BW... -.- <KAZE> Went CO. Picking up all ex-KAZE members who are left at CL! Also to the new guild <RAINFALL> on CO we are accepting all members who want a stable guild that isn't swapping factions due to lack of playerbase!
  3. Ahh yes correct, <The ILLEST> Has merged with us and now is no longer, I will be removing the alliance due to the merge. Thanks Man! Also, <iKON> went CO and thus we are no longer in a alliance on CL with them (Only our CL branch needs alliances due to the faction imbalance issue). Thanks again.
  4. Jiwan is already done for, same as the over populated servers. There is no turning back, now it's just damage control. iKON on of the top remaining CL guilds just swapped to CO now there is only 3 big guilds left. damage control is now the only option
  5. How will it be abused? When 10 people are trying to do BW and the outnumbering faction brings in 50 people to wipe you and take it for themselves. That seems like the abuse. Faction inbalance is more harm than this sort of buff would be. I think this guy has the right idea. Instead of increased offensive stats just increase def / hp / evasion / block. On a ratio of how off-even the channel is.
  6. It goes to show the hypocricy and ignorance of this guild. They are mostly composed of chinese gold buyers/sellers. Just like that <Ban ZhungInc> guild. They are extremely elitist, nothing wrong with that but stating you are respectful and kind is a complete joke. Jiwan has CO outnumbering CL by a ratio greater than 10 and you still purposely try and prevent us from completing BW and Terrors so your chinese gold farmers can profit and sell you more resources. Go ahead and deny it when there is proof your members buy gold from them true pirate first day it came out. Seems legit. The only
  7. We just made a CO guild so we can have both factions on lock
  8. just click on the application link, or send us texts ingame
  9. I wish more servers were able to even out like yours. Look at mine http://postimg.org/image/vz1cf8wah/full/
  10. It's hard to rebalance, all they can do now is give rewards / buffs
  11. Like I said any channel 1-8. http://postimg.org/image/vz1cf8wah/full/
  12. http://postimg.org/image/x7q33v0tj/full/ This is what it's like channels 1-8 on Jiwan
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