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  1. Meh, we got 2 plats and a diamond out of you. You only have 8 people he said so I'm glad we got the better half. Have a nice day Just apply on the links in the forum post :D
  2. From what I've heard was there were not 40 of you, but 8. And 3 of them came to us while the rest of you sat on the fence deciding if you should go CO or not because all you wanted to do was kill BW... -.- <KAZE> Went CO. Picking up all ex-KAZE members who are left at CL! Also to the new guild <RAINFALL> on CO we are accepting all members who want a stable guild that isn't swapping factions due to lack of playerbase!
  3. <THE THREAT> Recruiting all <KAZE> Members who didn't swap CO! and our CO branch can pick up all <Rainfall> Members looking to join a more stable guild that will be pushing lv.50 raid content in 2x 24man raid groups!
  4. <THE THREAT> Multi-faction Recruiting all <Kaze> Crimson who don't want to swap faction. Also <Rainfall> You should merge into our CO Branch Hit me up on discord you know where to find me :)
  5. hope to hear from you soon Dusean!
  6. Server: Jiwan Faction: BOTH! Guilds: Crimson: <The Threat> / <The Thrëat> Cerulean: <The Thrêat> Playstyle: PvX Language: English Clan Rank: 6 (Note: We are not in rush to level up due to lack of rewards) Voice-Chat: Discord PVE: [All Available Content on Farm] BW: [ ✓ ] VERM: [ ✓ ] SAPP: [ ✓ ] POH: 4/6 [ ✓ ] BSH: 4/6 [ ✓ ] NAR: 4/6[ ✓ ] Alliances: <Ultima <Vae Victis> <OneHP>
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