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  1. @Moggie raging cos of frustration when you know you havent done anything wrong and when your guts tells you they wont do anything about it (first reply from them by Ray Charles, you know, blind man lol ). And as I said, I made that account long ago. If i'm going to play some f2p game and I dont intend to invest any money in it I wont leave my personal info. I said it was my fault that I didnt recheked my account info when I decided to Invest into BladeandSoul. I never had any problems with any game on that account, so why would I think something will happen with this game? @Shautru
  2. Ye you're right you can guess what my mail is cos I dont bother atm, and wont use that email account anymore. Sad thing is that I get the feeling that you think I'm lying. In their eamil when they asked me I gave em answers step by step with no drama involved, also when they told me that my birthday doesnt match they asked me to give em my real birthday, and I gave it to them. The thing is, that I never put real info when I create account for some f2p game in which I'll never invest real money(that account was made for Wildstar originally) where I needed another account just for mule
  3. I didnt put the real birthday infos here on the forum, I *** it here, but I gave it to them in my mails, also see I ** my account mail and password here, but in my mail to them I obviusly wrote it down correctly. Also I gave them secret questions answers. the thing is, that account was made in 2012, so I dont remember. I gave them all the info before they even asked me. And in every next mail they sent me I was feeling frustrated with repeating myself over and over again. The email of the account in question, and the email of the account from which I was corresponding with them are same, onl
  4. Well i guess those were automated responses. You can see how they repeat themselves with those questions about account info and stuff, even tho I gave em all the infos in all my responses, actually I gave em everything before they even asked me.
  5. These idiots should check how real company treats their customers. You may say how Blizzard is this or that, but their customer support is just amazing. I remember once when I was playing WOW in my friends Internet Caffe, there was a keylogger and my and others ppl accounts were hacked! We all got our accounts back in less than a day. And after account recovery, the GM checked on me ingame to be sure that everything was ok and we were chatting for like an hour or two. These morons here deserve no respect and should be ashamed how they treat their customers.
  6. Ok, it's been 6 days since i tried to recover my account. It's been 6 days of struggle with their customer support, and finally it ended with terminating my account. I'm posting all of my correspondence with the support team bellow, so .... here it is, with all the anger and frustration, and some strong language towards the end
  7. I totally agree that their customer support are bunch of incompetent morons. As I read forum threads here and on bladeandsouldojo I kinda think that they actually work together with the goldspammers, maybe even give away your account info to them. After I made a purchase to buy me some bags and to buy char slots, my other account was blocked. It seems it was hacked. I made a ticket, and their response is complete shit. They obviously dont even read my emails I've sent to them. And finally they terminated my account. I will post entire corespondence in another thread so you can see what a bunch
  8. Is this legit blade and soul support email? I made a ticket 5 days ago about my main account being hacked/stolen and when I got reply this was the mail they replied to me support@bladeandsoul-support.zendesk.com In these 5 days I get the feeling that they are mocking with me, and I have the feeling that this isn't real support.
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