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  1. Do you want to remove all the F2P?

    Totally bullshit. There are ppl recruiting learning raid from time to time, just many ppl like you won't bother to join it and take effort to learn/wipe instead you only asking to join a raid which already clear and can carry you ass for free.
  2. They fixed SSP

    Why ppl still complaining about moonstone/ssp. They already added a lot of new ways to get moonstone. Mushin F14 and F15 get a high chance drop 1 moonstone and F15 even chance of 100 moonstone( a friend of mine kept farming and got 2x 100 moonstone already). Also the new event you can finish shattered mast 3 times(4 man is hard but 6 man is easy) and you get 1 moonstone + RNG bonus up to 100.
  3. Since yesterday afternoon i keep getting this weird problem. After i play for like 20-30 min i will get disconnect from server. When i relog it says server is under maintaince and this last for like 30min to 1 hour. This shit have repeated like 5-6 period already in the past 7-8 hours. I have tried other MMO like lol or OW and it got no problem at all. I couldn't get any useful help from NC support so i have to ask here if anyone got similar issue? I live in Germany and ususally get a nice ping.
  4. Top Dps class?

    there is difference between dps on dummy or on boss. for dummy maybe it is sin or other melee class but for boss it is 100% fm.
  5. This topic is so stupid. Ppl recruit high ap doesn't mean they cant run it with low ap. But they just prefer to play more casual/relax. It is their on right to do it, why get mad? Plus the logic of the youtube prove is also stupid. My party farm 4-yeti with 3 man, so we can add somone with 100ap to our party, so that 100 ap guy can make youtube to "proof" 100 ap is enough for 4 man yeti.
  6. new faction drop

    you should hit boss asap
  7. Please, im begging give us kick option.

    There will be no kick option because of the possible abuse. Just think when you are going a 4 man dungeon and got kicked by 3 friends when the boss is near dead.
  8. I laugh at the 490 ap requirement. I am 511 ap FM, and i do 6 man with 450 ap Des + 420ap Wl + other random guy from search eveyday, didn't fail a single time. I tank all the time, for yeti i only need the random take heart and contribute some dps before death. For scorpion i solo one spot, my two friend take one, and let 3 random defend the last one.
  9. I have heard from someone that you get free 4th slot at true breeze, is that true?
  10. Dungeon Loot - Class Spec'ed

    Then you have to party with 3 BD/BM/WL because it is stupid for other class like KFM to do this dungeon.
  11. Well BnS is not Moba but korean-MMO. When someone spend xx hours a day in game, they should have advantage over the one who spend less than 2 hours.
  12. It is your own opinion that skill books shouldn't be rare drop. Many other games also got skills as rare drop which only a few ppl who are either rich or lucky can get it. As for BnS, you can think in this way: These skill books are lvl50 skill book(everyone can farm it easily with lvl50) but a few ppl(rich/lucky/spend a lot of time) can use it in lvl45. Plus farming this isn't that hard. I have done around 10 times in total, got 3 books dropped(2 BD 1 Des). My group done it once with tank KFM 380 ap and rest 3 only 350-360 ap, And with better gear one run only take like 30min.
  13. A rare in game drop which can be bought by in game money = pay to win? Meh.......
  14. This game is not P2W, let me show you

    Your point is good, but for most ppl is kinda meaningless because you need enough capital to do that. As for me, i have <30g so i can only buy some cheap blue razor and for the ppl with less gold they can't do anything at all.