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  1. Best class on pvp 1v1?

    @Backstabpuss - tagging because the quote is too long. Obviously by spam block i did not mean literally just countering and counterattacking. I meant that up until gold, most people will continuously hit into your counter even if you spam it, so you can always get free iframes and cc. I'll go through your points one at a time. SUM - As i said, it's faceroll up until gold ish. Above gold, everyone should know how to counter SUMs. Personally I win vs SUM about 80% of the time. BD - They have some annoying cc and iframes, but it's nothing compared to KFMs. BD are so disadvantaged vs KFM that I run blue buff instead of ice tab and win about 60-70% of the time. The key is to force fights and not let them refresh cd's. SIN - Yes, they need to practice to be good. However, they are not just fairly strong, they are arguably one of the best pvpers. Just look at top rankings for each class and see the disparity. KFM - Fun, yes. I like anicanceling and mechanical classes. Hard? Maybe not the hardest (SIN, FM). The thing that counters KFM isn't range as you suggest, but blockbreakers and defense piercers. Ex: BM HM Z, FM Snowball, Sin everything, BM kick/shoulder, DES knee/grab/sweep, etc. If you'd like me to go into more detail on any point I can.
  2. Best class on pvp 1v1?

    As a KFM, here's what I can tell you: BM: pretty even with KFM, but overall BM is high tier SUM: Faceroll low elo, get rekt high elo unless you're godly WL: Opposite of SUM. If you learn to tech chase and chain combos, WL is one of the best pvpers. BD: Seem to be pretty weak, at least against KFM. FM: Skill level determines everything, and you can roll anyone if you are patient and don't spam spells SF: Also very strong, tons of iframes and an untabbable air combo, plus most tech chases are aoe so you don't have to aim KFM: Evade everything and reach 1700 by spamming block. Weak to SIN, decent WLs, decent DES. Strong vs decent SUM, all BDs, most FMs. DES: Basically a weaker KFM with two tab escapes and a spin. tl;dr: if you want to faceroll low elo, go SUM or FM. if you are decent at pvp, go BM/WL/SF/DES. don't go KFM.
  3. Kfm guide to 11k damage

    I don't know if you're talking about PvP or PvE, so I'll mention both. PvP: Left tree searing palm is a good starter combo if you can't 3rf. 3rfing is the highest dps combo for kfm. Shiro has a really good video on it: If you are talking about PvE, then your damage should not be coming from your leading palm itself. You can use it to stack the searing palm, but then your damage should come from 2r2rf (if wind build) or 222rf (if fire build).
  4. Comet Strike Tier 5 Stage 2

    Yeah, I like the left tree - it shows me the big and pretty numbers. Kind of a shame stage 2 isn't viable, though... even if it was nerfed to do similar damage to 2rf, it'd be interesting to have a build with comet as main dps.
  5. Comet Strike Tier 5 Stage 2

    So I'm at a loss as to the HM effect of this skill. I know that in essence, the first cast takes 2s, if you immediately cast again it takes 1.2s, and the third and all subsequent casts are instant. However, I found that you are allowed to use some skills in between comets without resetting it to 2s cast. For example, RMB, flurry, and leading palm all can be used in between comets without setting it back to 2s cast. However, a LMB will INSTANTLY reset it to 2s. Obviously, the only limiter to this comet spec is the focus cost, but I find I can do quite a few strikes like this: Tremor first for focus over time Comet (tremor proc) Comet RMB Comet (tremor proc) Comet Comet Comet Leading Palm Comet RMB Comet My question is, is there any stable rotation (infinitely sustainable, focus-wise) with this Comet spec? It does less damage than the other specs, but if a sustainable rotation can be implemented, I think this build can yield good damage.
  6. Yes, impact for stun is important, but i'm watching my chill stacks extremely closely too - as soon as it hits 3, i'm dashing. Unless you can hit impact perfectly after im frozen, it won't land before i dash and thus before i remove frozen.
  7. Battlegrounds Facts

    I think a lot of the people are missing the point of Battleground...It's PURPOSELY non-equalized. The whole point was to offer a pvp experience more standardized than Factions, yet allows greater benefits for PvE players than arena does. Yes, some teams are extremely overpowered. That's because they either worked hard for their gear, or Wallet Warrior'd. Which is fine. If you're low gear, gear up! This mode is not meant to be fair. Seriously, though, if you really want to do it at low gear, get yourself an OWPVP SS set. I'd take a guy with 500AP and OWPVP SS over a 600 or even 700AP guy with PVE SS. Health, Defense, and Crit Defense (!!!) are 100% necessary for anyone seriously doing 6v6. Here's the difference: - PVE SS set: Good damage. But with the cluster*cricket* that 6v6 is, you'll die anyway. - OWPVP SS set: Tankiness for days, and burst reduction. I once did a full KFM combo on a guy that should kill anyone in OW twice over. But he had an OWPVP set. He took about 40% dmg. Chugged a pot, and then wrecked me since all my cd's were down.
  8. As a KFM, I will admit that I have an easy time against most FM. That being said, I have encountered many FMs who absolutely destroy me. Key points: - Don't machinegun. Most important part. It gives me free Q/E, Triple Kick, Agility, and Counter procs. - Watch your chill stacks. While chilled, I can't dash. But if you stack one too many chills, it roots me BUT REMOVES CHILL. In other words, if I can still target you, I can just dash to you and break the root as well. - Be aware that if I Q/E in your Veil, the veil hits me and I get a Triple Kick proc. - Use your iframes more! I see few FM's use Q/E, at least correctly. Use it after retreats. - If i backstep, 99% of the time I will follow it up with a Tiger Pounce (dash knockdown, available even when chilled). Be prepared to either Q/E or iframe it. - If the KFM spams counter (elbow smash does not apply here), just wait and snowball him. Then you can machinegun. - If they spec elbow smash: STOP HITTING INTO IT! The counterattack from Elbow Smash likely does way more damage than your attack would've done. Be patient. ES is a 0.7s counter on a 1.3s cooldown, meaning if they spam it, they are vulnerable 50% of the time. Not to mention that it also costs 1 focus.
  9. Missing targeted melee attacks

    Like XiaoCoCo said, it's desync. It's extremely annoying that anyone (particularly FM, SMN, and SIN) can just bunnyhop and exploit the desync. I can't count the number of times that my SINGLE TARGET, POINT BLANK range Triple Kick activates, the cooldown is blown, and my character kicks at empty air for a full second. Honestly, I don't understand why jumping is even allowed in PvP Arena. The only two things it's used for: - Desync exploits - That stupid windstride/gliding game both you and your opponent have to play in order to get the opening attack. Which, by the way, is messed up anyway because a) desync, and b) your character hitbox while gliding is actually on the ground sometimes. Essentially, you're both spamming buttons in the hope that their hitbox is more bugged than yours.
  10. HM skills worth spending time on?

    Yeah, I accidentally hit submit before I was finished, so I went back and finished the post. Yes, the non-HM right tree does have 1 iframe, but the HM left tree has both the stun/daze resist, and 1 second instead of 1 iframe. I suppose I can understand if you're starved for points, but I honestly believe HM counter is necessary for PvP. I listed out some more advantages in my edit, esp the 5-point strike one.
  11. HM skills worth spending time on?

    Gonna have to disagree with the point about counter. HM Counter is AMAZING in PvP, and ABSOLUTELY BROKEN in OWPvP. PvP first: I'll agree, the 300 page counter is kinda trash. But you shouldn't be using stun counter in PvP anyway. The iframe counter (left tree) is great. 2% heal, Stun/Daze resist for 2sec, and most importantly, 1 SEC IFRAME. 1 second is a very, very long time in PvP. That's the exact same duration as your Q/E, but on a 1.3 second cooldown. I'll list some of the reasons it's so good: - vs Warlocks. Their combo is an all-out, huge burst combo. Sure, you can block 1 attack every 1.3 seconds, but you will still die unless you use all your other iframes. 1 second of iframe every 1.3 seconds is 77% iframe uptime. Let me repeat: you are INVINCIBLE for 77% of the time he's spamming at you. Assuming he's not proccing your counter as soon as you put it up (which is impossible), the actual iframe uptime is much higher. Literally when a warlock beings their full combo on me, I can just hold 1 and take maybe 10k dmg total. - vs. Summoners. Similar vein, but not quite as OP. you will be immune to all the cat dazes and stuns as long as you keep successfully countering. Watch out, though, if you spam counter too much you may just get grappled. - vs. Parry Spin (LBM or DES). I've posted about this before, but unless you have an iframe on counter, any parry-spec spinner can stun you by simply spinning when your counter is up. The way it works is this: -You put up counter -They spin, hitting your counter and making you counterattack -You counterattack into their parry -You get stunned. This is bullshit. But with an iframe on counter, you will be immune to the parry stun, as well as any other stuns/dazes for 2 seconds, AS WELL AS being invincible for another second. - vs. 5-point strikes. (LBM, BM, KFM). Without 1 second of iframe on counter, even if you counter the 5 point strike, the rest of the hits will land anyway. With 1 second of iframe, you can resist 2 or 3 attacks, and either Q/E, cc them back, or iron shoulder and cancel their 5 point strike. Now, OWPvP: It's basically the same as the point about Warlock I made above, except even better. When facing an arbitrarily large number of enemies, you can guarantee that your counter will ALWAYS be procced, and will most likely not be grappled. Again, 77% invulnerability uptime, even more if your counter isn't immediately procced. There was a video posted a few weeks ago of a KFM running into 10 ceruleans and surviving for a few minutes, only dying because he started trying to kill them. I myself have run into mobs of literally 20-30 enemies, spamming 1, Q/E when up, abusing iframe so hard some of them called me a hacker. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough, HM Counter is GODLY. Quick note for PvE: the tank spec for counter gives you 1 iframe. However, a lot of bosses have a sort of spin move, which hits 3 times. When BSH came out, I was crying inside that even if I counter Blood Mane's spin, I still get hit and knocked back by the third hit. No more. tl;dr HM Counter is GODLIKE
  12. kfm comet strike

    Just to add, this is the absolute highest dps a KFM can muster right now. - Stack Searing Palm to 4 - Immediately buff and Comet Strike - Hold 4 and laugh as you outdps FM's. Given that you are in a 6 person party and they attack fast enough, you can literally just sit there holding 4 and crit 40-50k back to back to back. I was once in a party with two other kfms using Searing Blow (hits 5 times! each hit counts as one attack, so one SB from them reduced my Comet Strike cooldown by 20 seconds), and my 4 reset about twice a second. Assuming that was maintained for the full 10s (usually it isn't), I dealt around 900,000 damage alone in that 10 second window.
  13. PvP strats

    Thanks for the detailed reply, BM: switching it up sounds like a good idea. Probably, delaying is going to be the most effective way. SMN: You pretty much hit on my issues with it, so far I've just been staying alive so I win by time. Going all-in burst against a healing smn is pretty dangerous. DES: Again, hit the nail on the head. DES tend to use 1/2 for knockdowns instead of rolling. I'll try to predict it more. SIN: I like that Z open strat, I'll try it next time. I'll definitely need to practice timing, though.
  14. PvP strats

    So I'm currently Gold, at around 1800 elo (rank 90 kfm). I've been having a lot of trouble in PvP lately, likely because everyone I play against is now beginning to master their own class, as I am. That being said, I'm going to list each class below, and detail my general strategy against them, as well as list some questions I hope yall can help me answer. BLADE MASTER Opener: Tricky, because they may use the sword throw/pull, or the dash/stun behind you. I find if they jump around a lot, they tend to prefer the sword pull. All I can say is listen, since it makes a very distinct sound, and don't spam counter or they will throw in the counterless gap. (Note: I have had some success with spamming counter to bait out their throw, but then I immediately backstep after the counter to iframe the throw. Use with caution.) General: They E/Q more than you do, and instead of using it as an iframe, it's used as a distraction. if they start doing their E/Q dance around you, I find it best to backstep and keep my front facing them. Unless they used it for iframing, a backstep is almost always followed by a 5 point strike. For some reason. If they don't have parry-block, you can rmb to them, which readies their "iron shoulder" retaliation. If you immediately E/Q after dashing to them, you won't get hit by it, and can usually get your E/Q procced. DO NOT USE TRIPLE KICK IMMEDIATELY. Their retaliatory spin move is an iframe. Save it until after the animation finished. HM BLOCK: super annoying. I spec ice for this. As soon as they activate HM block, I activate ice, and start basic attacking them to wear down the resist shield. If they stupidly let me wear down the shield without hitting me, then proceed as normal. Typically, they will activate your ice to get you out of their face. Their extended combo has multiple dazes, just like us. If you know 100% that they can tech chase correctly, it's better to save your roll so they can't full combo you. Don't Tab-slam if you're eyeing each other from a distance. I guarantee you they are spamming block while spamming Q/E. If you can afford to take a little damage, F-roll the first hit of their lightning storm and immediately tab-freeze yourself. If they tech chase it, then tab. Don't blow it as soon as you land unless you're low. Questions: What on earth do I do when i'm knocked down? They time their LMB to interrupt my 1, they use the blockbreaking shoulder-dash if I ground counter, and they tech chase if I roll. I always feel so helpless. BLADE DANCER Opener: Also tricky, but not as bad. They almost always open with the dash behind you. Be on point with your 180 degree counters. General: Use Tiger Pounce (ss - lmb). Use it. Abuse it. It's a dash-knockdown that's limited only by the cooldown on ss, it's unparryable, it ignores chill and any move that restricts dashes. This is the only reason I can fight DES/BD. You can follow it up with a tech chase, or even use it to burn ground counter, then kd them again and stunlock them. The possibilities are endless. Same as BM, don't tab-slam if you're eyeing each other from a distance. They expect it. IF THEY BLADE DRAW AND YOU'RE KNOCKED DOWN: DO NOT GROUND COUNTER IMMEDIATELY!!! They will ALWAYS wait a good second or so before using the stun-dash. Instead, wait til the absolute last second of your knockdown to ground counter. You'll need practice. Unless they are very very patient, they will almost always hit into your counter, because their blade draw is their damage combo and they don't want to let it go to waste. Personally, I spec ice and just use it whenever they Tempest. I feel much too vulnerable otherwise. Force Master Opener: Unless they expect you to be ready for it, they will ALWAYS open with a chill stack to prevent your opener. Run straight at them to feint a flurry opener, then counter. I spec stun counter so it gives me a free stun, which they almost always tab. General: I love stun counter. Some people prefer elbow smash, some the iframe counter, but just can't give up a free stun everytime I successfully counter. It helps blow their tab/ss so much faster. AVENGING FIST MIDDLE TREE!!! Upon successful counter, you get a free dash to them that ignores chill. Use tab-slam and flurry whenever you can, since most of the time you'll be chilled and unable to use them. For some reason, divine veil hits you every second, so if you E/Q inside it, you get a free triple kick. If you somehow get Max Agility, ABUSE THE CRAP OUT OF IT! FM's have so few skills that can hit you at this point. Since you'll almost always be chilled, your 4 is the only tech chase you have. Savor it. This is somewhat obvious, but do not put yourself in a position where they can freeze you from behind. Good FM's will freeze you, then dash behind you. Make sure that if you use ss (the only freezebreak you have besides tab), you either combo them immediately or iframe. Summoner Opener: Summoners vary quite a bit, but they usually start the same: The stunning cat dash. Sometimes, they will root you first, sometimes they will jump around a bit, but they will always use this dash. Just counter it, and use avenging fist on the summoner for a free kd. A bad summoner will immediately roll, which you should follow with a C. General: Never, EVER, forget that the cat is also in play. You may have the smn stunlocked, but if the cat is free, there are endless ways he can interrupt you, and in the worst case he will grapple you, turning the whole thing around. The good thing about this is that smn's tend to be pretty predictable: As soon as you stun the smn, they will have the cat cc you. After stunning the smn, I always face the cat and counter. Usually it'll proc my counter, so then i can 3rf the smn, then iron shoulder and use that daze to 3rf some more. Q/E is a good alternative to counter, since it gives you a triple kick to extend your stun with. SMN counter is the reason you will win or lose the match. If they can get you to hit their counter, you had better be ready with some iframes. As such, here are some times they usually put up counter: Right after cat grapple, expecting you to dash to them Right as your stunlock ends If they blow cooldowns on you (good summoners) right after any cc on you ends (good summoners) when you backstep Be careful with triple kicking the counter. SMN's tend to abuse the jumping desync, and the fact that they're moving in the first place makes it nearly impossible to get off a triple kick, because if they are even slightly too far or slightly desynced, your RMB will turn into guiding fist, proccing their counter. I can't count how many times this has happened to me. It's incredibly frustrating. MAX AGILITY: Super easy to get vs a summoner. One E/Q should give you max agility without fail. Abuse it. Never do a full air combo on the smn unless the cat is out of commission. For some reason air counter invincibility is wonky, and you will almost always be hit by cat cc if you take too long air comboing the summoner. Tab-slam goes through dandelion. HM counter is godly. On that note, don't spam counter. It gives them a free cat grapple. You can try this, but it's risky: Spam counter, then immediately E/Q. The cat will attempt to grapple you, fail due to your iframe, but still get stuck in the animation. It will sit on the ground for 6 seconds doing nothing. Against rumblebee summoners, the air combo or daze combo may actually be more deadly than a cat grapple. Don't limit your tabs only to grapples. Question: How the hell do I deal with the summoners who heal? It seems no matter how much I stunlock them, If I play it smart and patiently, it gives them so much time to heal. For perspective, Once I drew a match against a healing smn, and the end score totaled to SMN: 60k, Me: 104k. That's completely absurd, and that means I would've killed him twice over. It's absurd to me. Destroyer Opener: Two choices. One: Jumping, gliding into axe throw. Counter it, I guess. Or delay your roll. Most destroyers go for Two: Aoe Jump Stun. It's uncounterable. I find that if the DES runs straight at you from the start of the match, they'll probably use opener two. Just backstep and tiger pounce immediately. General: Don't blow your full combo, unless you are 100% sure BOTH their tab and persistence are down, which is rare. Always E/Q a stunlock on them, since they will probably tab it. That being said, having two escapes makes them blow tab very very easily. Just don't get caught in it. If you spam counter, they will eventually attempt to knee (dashing blockbreaker) you. Don't spam unless you're baiting. Be VERY careful of spamming counter near them, they WILL grab you. It's pretty easy to get Max Agility from their spins. Note that it doesn't help against aoes like their jump-stun. As with BD's, Tiger Pounce is God. In general, knockdowns are god. They're resistant to everything else while spinning anyway. Unlike BD and BM, they can't E/Q your tab jump. They have to preemptively iframe with ss or the searing strike (axe-swinging iframe). You can press them into wasting iframes by simply standing at a distance. I like to ice when they emberstomp. It's a guaranteed proc, and protects you a little. Questions; How the *cricket* do I deal with their two escapes? Between Tab, Persistence, and emberstomp to fill the gaps, I have so few opportunities to combo them. This is honestly the most nonsensical thing I've seen regarding pvp balance - why does the class with the most cc, the tabspin, and emberstomp also given a second cc escape? People will say that "oh it's optional, they have to spec into it", but you would be stupid NOT to spec it. When do I tab during their combo? All their stuns look the same to me, and they don't have any sort of huge burst. ASS ASS IN I'm gonna preface this by saying i'm pretty salty about sins. Opener: Dear lord, so many options. However, the typical two I see are: Immediate smoke screen for stealth, lotus down, shurikens thrown at you. One may be a fakeout to draw out iframes, but they will use the marking star which allows them to daze you and appear behind you. Counter, I guess. Not much else you can do. Immediate sprint at you and dash-stealth behind you. If they're good, they will immediately backstep to get away from you. In either case, immediately turn 180 and use Leg Sweep. If you timed it right, you'll hit them out of stealth. Alteration to opener Two: Sprint up, start gliding, place lotus on ground, continue gliding, stealth-dash behind you. This is taking advantage of the fact that their sprinting stealth-dash can also be cast while gliding. If you see them place a lotus and continue gliding, sprint the *cricket* away. Once they land they can't windwalk anymore, removing their ability to stealth-dash. General: SPEC ELBOW SMASHHHHHHHH DO IT NOW. For some reason counter doesn't break their stealth even though it should reflect the projectile at them. ELBOW SMASH BREAKS THEIR STEALTH DO IT NOW Tab-slam breaks decoy, and sins usually don't expect it. If you see them backstep in stealth (looks like a bunch of black lines twirling around, hard to describe), they're going to appear behind you with a daze. 180 counter that shit. RISKY: If for some reason you are 100% sure they are about to tab. start Flurry on them. It may or may not resist the flash, but that's not the point. It will follow them through their tab, and if you hit it late enough, the 4th hit should break their tab-stealth and daze them. Note that they still have their natural 50% evade while in stealth, hence why it's risky. However, if you pull this off, you've won. Their roll is down and so is their tab. I usually release my icetab early against other classes, so I don't give them the upper hand. For some reason sins will still spam abilities at you while you're iced, so I wait until 0.5sec before ice expires to release and immediately counter. Don't tab too early. Make them blow their web and at least one opening stun (usually lightning rod) before tabbing. Note that they usually expect this, so don't tab into their iframe. Questions: Wtf do I do when they're stealthed? Literally I can only attempt to predict one of the many ways they can engage on me, and then perfectly time a counter or 180 counter or iframe. If they're good enough to wait 0.5 - 1 second before activating things, there's literally no way I can predict it. I feel like I have a lot to put here, but I don't know how to word it. In general, I'd very much appreciate tips against sins. Warlock I don't really face warlocks much. Basically, just make sure you have iframes if they timewarp, use the thrall for free counter or Q/E procs, and play defensive until they spend all their cooldowns. It's okay to take some damage - usually I'm at 50%~ hp before I even start attacking. So yeah, that's most of it. If i'm feeling up to it later I might update parts and add a general KFM tip section. Any and all feedback is appreciated, I'm no master myself and would really appreciate some help with sin/des sections.
  15. 3RF training with pigs

    Note that since only your 3 needs them to be stunned, it is possible that you can get two 3rf's off in one z-stun, but they may come out of stun while you're still doing the second r, or f. A better way to practice is to do z-3rf-3r-RMB (sky kick). Not only is this the typical combo in pvp, you can also ensure that you're actually fitting two 3rf's in the stun, since you can only sky kick a stunned target.