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  1. Let's say that i would buy 70 of those boxes (im not saying i'll necessarily do it). what to spend the coins on and how far would that get me on a fresh character? (+ i have 1k-ish gold)
  2. Ye, i've read about that. I still want to try it out at least since this game's combat and dungeons were that good.
  3. So the premium would be best value? Ill look it up then. Thanks.
  4. Well it doesn't have to be completely f2p. I can afford to throw some bucks around if the game grips me again. I want to try my hand the gunner or warden, maybe soul fighter. still not sure on that one.
  5. Really wanted to play the game again with the new classes and all, but i heard that it's really hard to catch. What do you think? How much of a grind is it to get to relevant levels. (ap?)
  6. It wouldn't be the first time they added option to send a costume later after release. Might happen.
  7. So NcSoft decided to remove pirate accs from Hae Mujins chest and at the same time they decided to Add pirate coins into the Hongmoon store. I believe the only way to get them reasonably fast (since nightshade is dead) is to farm bloodshade. I estimate drop to be max 10-20%. Ring from mane, Earring from Twins. And necklace i dont know since i have ran it like 8 times and seen no drop. Well played Ncsoft.
  8. Are you implying that you do not enjoy your FREE garbage?! Are you implying that you expect to get a chance for meaningful rewards for your time?!! Are you implying that getting 10% chance at ONE WHOLE WHOOPING venture token every two weeks is not good enough?!!! Spoiled brats... (Disclaimer: Its Sarcasm)
  9. Last time i played wow (during wotlk) Grinding argent crusade dailies in Icecrown was best stable income of gold. I dont really understand what you mean by "you cant grind gold except for dailies" ;D
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