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  1. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Hello, I've been playing since 2016, i never posted in forums, super super rare. I've been defending the game for almost every patch, people rage i try to let them calm down. This time i really can't do it. Nerfing gold from 15g to 5g, on biggest dungeons, is like unacceptable. Its already low, please try to re-consider about the nerfs, keep it as it is. Already most of the community are quitting right now, we're struggling to find people to join our raids. I was about to spend a lot of money in the upcoming trove, now i decided to NOT Spend any thing, maybe not any more. These changes gonna let most of the player base quit. Because i am not gonna do dailies any more, i'll just log in, to do IA( Steelbreaker raid and ET) Then i'll logg off. This is the best MMO game, and even though it has so much bad optimizing and we still play it, because we love it, dont do this specific change, most new players will quit and mid tier too. Please revert this change. We want to bring more people into game.
  2. Ancient honing oil fails

    Well i wasted all my Elysians yesterday, but my friend crafted 8 oils in 13 tries i think, really good ratio, but if u keep failing, sotp and try other time
  3. Premium Transformation Stones Crafting

    Its around 50% i would say, Well i would recommend you selling materials, if you really care about failure, like really 500g wasted, and the premium stone cost around 500G, if you are a new player, trying to catch up you really dont have to risk/failing mats, just sell them and pay extra for a guaranteed item.
  4. Its normal, when new content comes, new stages for soul coming in Wednesday.
  5. Also evolved stones, are used to craft 5mil Exp Charms, which is the most expensive way, but still another way :3
  6. Well as usual same time, you should see in-game announcement about a maintenance.
  7. Returning to the game

    Welcome back, So many good stuff you can earn now easier than before, and also its a good time to return :)
  8. Well i hate to say it, but there is an option with Hongmoon coin, as a free2play can gets it, so its not p2w,
  9. Hello, Its a good news to hear that destroyer 3rd spec coming next two week from now. Im asking are we gonna get our badges exchanged to the 3rd spec? a lot of people having et badge awakening 8 and its too expensive to do that, as i remembered blade master and kfm when 3rd spec came out, they got theirs exchanged, are we gonna have the same thing for like a limit period of time, i only read forums, never did a post but this is important question for me. Have a nice day.