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  1. As i want as much free slots as possible in my inventory and wh, which of those can i just delete?: Moonwater Valor Stones (send them to other characters or fully spend them for Silverfrost Valor Stones?) Siren Emblems Pirate Emblems I have True Pirate wep Awak. Infernal Necklace (got the Siren and Pirate Necklace for evolve so i dont need Emblems) True Siren Ring Awak. Siren Earring. (and Pirate Earring for evolve, same as above) Siren Belt (gonna buy the Pirate Belt from Pirate emblems) Pirate Bracelet Since you cant
  2. agree. why the *cricket* isnt it possible? even on the russian server i had to mace an autohotkeyscript for binding map and potion to M4 and M5. (now this doesnt even work anymore cuz "macros", "bots" (gameguard), SEE HOW WELL THIS IS WORKING) make *cricket*ing mouse binds working please! or let NC korea devs send you a patch for EU/NA client which makes mouse binding possible, if you cant do it on your own. its basically their broken stuff anyway. an no, i will not get a mouse and bind M4 M5 to another key via they mouse software since i still use those key
  3. So, i heard that with the level 50 patch, in order to farm efficiently, its kind of necessary to farm world bosses which function like Blackwyrm. Because they function like that i heard that you struggle as melee class as it is now and be better of using a ranged class. I main a KFM. Do i really need a ranged alt to do the WBs? If so, what would be the best ranged class for this FM or Sum? And a slight Off topic question as well: Will summoners still be that good PVE wise like they are now when the lv 50 patch comes? (Would it still be THAT effective to
  4. Not part of the combining names issue but they named that archer guy in misty woods "Huren" (literally = "B1tches" in german). Loled a little the first time i saw him.
  5. i maybe get why you cant trade items from "dungeons", but costumes?! but THEN, they are not even tradable on the account??? i would really like to know the reason for this...
  6. i really wondered when i started playing on the official servers here, why there is no *cricket*ing account warehouse. the russian PlayBNS had one afaik. And then the thing with the costumes, why does every shit needs to be player bound in new MMOs? like what would be soo *cricket*ing wrong, when you could trade costumes or other stuff?????
  7. seems they REALLY messed up some skill descriptions. wondered too on my BM alt...
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