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  1. <Azure Paradise> Cerulean Order clan recruiting

    Just returned to the game and would like to join!
  2. I'm currently re-downloading the game since I've been gone for about a year and they're giving me a few things upon returning. Main question is if there's more story currently, since that's one of the main reasons I enjoy the game and what happens to my kids utterly destroyed me. Happy Holidays, also!
  3. Just got back after not playing since... last year? or so? and I was trying to evolve my weapon. I have the mats, I have just enough gold but nothing happens. It say "evolving weapon..." then goes back to a normal screen. That's it. I'm not sure what's changed or if maybe it's on my side? I'm very confused.
  4. Returning player

    So I finished the storyline and got to 1.1k AP. I'm a bit confused by the guide, however..
  5. Returning player

    oh crap, I misread your question. I was HM11 before the exp change. as for gear, this is what I have edit #2: okay I looked AGAIN and I'm HM16 but my AP is only 1080. Not sure how to change that oof Ill look at the guide
  6. Returning player

    This is after. I thought I finished the story but I'm guessing they added more content I need to do haha I'm working on the orange quest for... well I'm not sure but I know it's a raid to get that out of the way. I'll check my story quests though.
  7. Returning player

    Allo! I stopped playing back in Jan and only returned now and then to merely patch my game and apply for rewards. Now that I'm actually logged in, I'm not really sure where all to start? I guess if anything, I'm wondering: -what are people asking for for parties now -what raids are good for lower level people -I'm LVL55HM11. Is this good for anything? and basically any other information that could help.
  8. Game won't load!

    I can't get past the character screen as a whole. When I click to go in, it goes to the loading screen, black screens suddenly, then completely disconnects me. I've already uninstalled since it doesn't seem as if anyone has any issues other than me and idk what else to do. I've tried everything.
  9. Same. I get to character select and when I start loading it kicks me out with a black screen. I haven't had issues for months before today.
  10. I wasn't gonna reply and watch the post burn, but I would like to just share something helpful. Usually, someone takes and makes a (rough) estimate for the rates of the boxes. Since I like to cash/buy boxes myself for the fun of it, I usually wait until someone does so. I noticed in the post before you wanted to know the rates, so here ya go.
  11. Ooooor you could just be a casual and relax instead of taking the game so seriously over something that isn't meant to be easy to begin with. That's what I do. Saves a lot of time, effort, stress, and lets you enjoy things as they are.
  12. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    This is the same for me as well. I agree.
  13. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Oooooo NCSoft you done ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed uuuuuuuuup
  14. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    I am quite excited to share today~
  15. Heart of the Golden Lotus question

    That seems like a good idea! In the meantime, the boxes I can buy have pretty good items in them, so that's something to put gold towards.