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  1. We are an English, Rank 15, Cerulean guild on Mushin / Old Man Cho that focuses on all aspects of BnS, whether it is PvE, PvP, or open world content. We have aspiring members looking to actively farm and would love to have you join our ranks! We have numerous players able to climb the PvP ladders with ease and those who strive to clear and farm the newest end-game content for the best in slot gear. When it comes to PvE we do not have any set statics, anyone can participate. Our requirements are as follows: Server: Mushin / Old Man Cho Faction: Cerulean (Blue) Timezones: NA (CST, PST,
  2. Aeon is recruiting. Whisper me: DumpstarBabyyy
  3. people are forgetting that this is a bonus event, they give us a free key each day. they didnt have to do this is just a community event. pvp is the true end game of this game and stats are balanced. as long as thats the case this game isnt p2w
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