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  1. Achievement & Hongmoon Level Re-work

    I really like this idea, I support it 100%
  2. Login server down? EU

    Where is the BNS team technicians ??? To see how people here are doing soo much effort for this issue to be solved , at least BNS team give us a hand here and help us , if we are on the right track or not , if the issue from ur side or not , so we can help here also , for god sake reply to us any GM any Moderator anyone superior please reply to us . Thanks in advance .
  3. Login server down? EU

    So BNS team when this misery gonna end ???
  4. Login server down? EU

    it worked for u ?
  5. Login server down? EU

    WE all need bro , and we all need just a GM or one of the technicians to come to this Thread and just read how we are suffering from this ...
  6. Login server down? EU

    I told you bro it's from the NC Soft new update on the servers , we can't open the clients .
  7. Login server down? EU

    I did what @MangoMHF said to do , I called 101 and told them about our issue , even them they took my complaint and asked me to wait for their reply . All that we can do is to wait for now I guess , but really we missed a lot of things here .
  8. Login server down? EU

    First of all OverWatch is Second thing is to go and search the forums it's not Etisalat because people from Hangry had the same issue , people from Turkey had the same issue and others too this has randomly happened to all players here are some links 1- 2- 3- As you can see brother , this issue is an old issue and they have solved it before what happened now that they don't reply to us , I don't know why ? Plus I have entered to other games for Nc-Soft like Aion and it's working perfectly and the problem of Over-Watch was an old Launch problem check the time and date , plus overwatch team fixed it not Etisalat .
  9. Login server down? EU

    Please this is our 4th day we can't log in please try to pay a little bit of attention to our problem here we missed a lot of the content and we missed most of our leveling schedule ... We still can't log in due to client bug or issue it keep saying "Login Failed ( Please try to attempt later (42) " we need help here ...
  10. Login server down? EU

    We missed everything not only the Halloween event , really that's not fair BNS please respond to us and take us seriously
  11. Please Help us !!!

    Sir all of the UAE players are on hold because we can't log into the game , Please respond to us and solve our problem we already missed a lot of the content and missed our schedule of leveling , we need a response with a solution . "Login failed 42" this is the message that keeps saying it
  12. Login server down? EU

    With all tho respect to BNS team but we have kindly waited for about 4 whole days without logging in game and we already lost a lot of content in the game and leveling schedule , at least respect us with an answer or a solution for this problem or what are you gonna do about it . We need to login by today .
  13. Login server down? EU

    So any news yet !? Day 3 and still the game is down 😢
  14. Login server down? EU

    Good afternoon guys . Please can you guys make a whatsapp group to keep updated , am at work and keep thinking of the game xD .
  15. Login server down? EU

    9 Yup totally agreeing with you ...