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  1. Hazardous Guild Proceed with caution...For every action there is a reaction...A Flame in the wind, grows stronger, A light in the dark, shines brighter,We take risks, We are explosive, We are infectious ... we are Hazardous. What do your actions say about you? Hazardous is predominantly a RP/PvP Cerulean Order guild. Our journey has just begun! Unlike most guilds, there is no set background or lore for all of our paths differ from one another. The common thread that will bind us all together is the fact that we have survived and continue to do so in our ever changing land. We have all survived challenges life has thrown at us ranging but not limited to abuse,disowned, betrayed, poor, heart broken and death. We have all been Contaminated.However, our contamination is not what breaks us but makes us fueled in our fight for survival within ourselves and our clan. As we continue to train as well as hone our contamination, we do not seek quantity but quality within our new forged circle. Once we are merged together with our contamination, our stories, our fight… A Hazardous effect is always bound to emerge. For those in search of us, whisper these words into the winds “ I proceed with caution” towards Zapah or Renzo (( or message me on here in case i may not be on)). When these words are whispered to us we know that you are ready to avail yourself to us.We will be more so interested in your backstory opposed to what level you are or gear (( in short, open to any level and have a story geared towards what has happened to your character ...IN CHARACTER)). But be forewarned, there is an Initiation Process that will be bestowed upon you based upon your story, which you will bring forth to a few members of Hazardous.Some initiations may be solo and some may be taken as a group if more than one person is applying. Therefore the possibility of failing is possible :[ but we have high hopes for those who have the intentions of seeking us out in the first place. Look forward to seeing you... Hazardous one. How to RP within Hazardous? So RPing in general only becomes hard when there is a lack of an imagination within a given circumstance. What does that mean? A simple example would be Person A: * shouts in ear* hey how are ya?! Person B: Fine. In this example person A is trying to start up a conversation based on their character type (assuming an obnoxious type). Person B pretty much drops the ball by not playing with the given circumstance of person A shouting in their ear. An alternative response for person B could have been “ fine … why are you shouting in my ear?!” or an action that is based on how they see their character eg. “ * rolls eyes*”. There really is no right or wrong way, it just kills the experience when someone tries to interact and help build character choices while the other person doesn't try to create dialogue in a creative way. Also RP doesn't always have to sound like person A where you have an action before you say something. Sometimes casual conversations occur and that's fine, but always try to think of how you can be creative and truthful within the circumstance. Also we do not do Erotic RP.That can be done behind closed doors or possibly with a significant other but not for your general public or clan mates thank you. Let your background story be your driving force. The more detailed you are about your story the easier it is to become the character you choose to be. Also mini chatting symbols which helps Roleplaying become a little more understandable. **= whatever you put in between these two asterisks is considered an action eg. * knocks on the door* (( ))= double parenthesis are used for when you kinda just want to ask or say something that's not in character eg (( AHHH did you see the super bowl last night?!?!?!)) “ “ = Quotes are for quoting someone eg. After i beat him in misty woods He then proceeded to say “ I can beat anyone from your clan any time any where” I think he might seek revenge on us.
  2. (( you are definitely still welcomed we are solidifying a few things... but definitely will not force you to pvp by any means. Of course if you were interested in maybe trying to get better at it, we are definitely there to help with that ..let me know whenever you are on. ill look for ya ))
  3. Still available for those seeking refuge
  4. I want a Rifle class!

    HAHAHA teffy is going so in roight now bazooka and rocket launchers hahaha it would be cool like if it were a gunner or musk. if there was a flashy animation of like stuffing the barrel with gun powder with a stick (( cast time animation))
  5. I want a Rifle class!

    no i totally feel you ... been about lyn recently ESPECIALLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY With warlock and their animation of shooting an imaginary gun with their middle and index finger... but sad to say if it is just those two.. id just have to make it work!!!
  6. I want a Rifle class!

    All speculations but makes one excited , to think it could actually be what we want!!!
  7. I want a Rifle class!

    *cries* sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I WANT a gunner class soo badddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Glad there are others who share the same sentiment. i Just want them to bring it back. nerf it till it hurts ...i do not care ill make it work!!! Do what ever you need to do!!! just give us one!!! P.S lol is anyone maining warlock simply because the RMB looks like they are using their middle finger and index to shoot out their spell like a mini pistol? Its the only thing keeping me sane at the moment... NCSOFT Please Read us, hear us , feel us T___T gunner class please.
  8. As a RP'er and PvP'er I find it very constricting when I must put on a specific article of clothing to fight a specific sub group in open world pvp. I love the fact that in arena you basically wear what ever you want whilst crossing swords , fists, axes, ice/heat and cats. In open world pvp I believe the same idea should be implemented. There should simply be a flag turned on or off and maybe a 5 min timer of no fighting activity to be turned back off. What about if I get spawn camped? Well, the option of being able to remove the pvp flag (remove faction outfit) at a re spawn point, only when your dead , should definitely remain for that instance. Its not just constricting for the PvP'er who wants to be able to wear their valentines day outfit and go to town on the opposing faction, but its also constricting for the RP'er who may loveeee to wear their bamboo village outfit but wants no part in fighting anyone AT ALL. I feel a pvp flag would increase variety and remove limitations of what one can, can not, will or will not wear.
  9. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    This is true. I believe most of us have seen the costumes . However, the opinionated points ( whether for or against) are not just that one can not get a hold of another "unique "cerulean or crimson out fit , or to take out the outfits , they are to give an individual a choice of participating in pvp ( orthodoxly or unorthodoxly ) whether it's for revenge , fun , the faction they have pledged for or just to be a by stander , or tactician delegating how one should go about a fight with out putting their hand to the mill etc. Also what is the point of buying, farming or crafting an outfit when it's limited to PvE or Arena , opposed to being able to participate in all three aspects (open world PvP PvE and arena) ?
  10. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    No... i feel that the aspect of RP should allow one to "fight in a wedding dress" if that were the case for their story etc lol. A person can run around in a wedding dress and stab a dragon , a snap jaw, or in short, PvE ...? but PvP its random or odd? It can almost be interpreted that PvE is pretend and PvP is realistic when they are both components to the/a game. Again let the person dictate not the outfit. Let the person decide if they want to wear a bamboo village or cerulean and not be forced to fight only because they are wearing it. Let that be a choice by the player case by case. Let the outfits and factions stay in the game. Let pvp be an option within what ever choice the player decides to wear and based on what faction they are opposing.
  11. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    Hmm also another interesting idea...
  12. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    Aw no crying here Sin :[... Just sharing of ideas that havent really been voiced just something to think about and talk about.
  13. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    No your words and opinions matter just as much as mine. Everything cant be yes agree with me. Differences is what makes us all interesting. Thanks for the luck
  14. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    And these are the main two pillars of what this post is about in case one doesnt wanna go back to the top to read the mini essay
  15. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    Not a matter of needing more so wanting, like some of us have here and there in our gaming experiences. Its not just a matter of wanting more cerulean outfits but to be able to wear outfits like puglist ,valentines etc, and be able to participate in open world pvp / rp action ... also once again another one seems to forget about the person who may love to wear the faction based outfits but does not want to pvp.
  16. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    And you know what ill take this <3!!!! for the variety aspect . Now for the problem some of my soley pve comrades/foes have, with wanting to wear outfit they love but get smacked up for it...what does one suggest here? (besides dont wear the outfit)
  17. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    Again , Im not saying remove the uniforms out of the game. Keep them . My opinion is simply stating pvp should not be activated simply on what one wears which is limited to 2 or 3 outfits with little to no variety to them for the main factions. Keep on spinning :] * raises fist*
  18. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    *Salutes* I wear my uniform with disgust and fight with pride :]
  19. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    hmm never played "Aion" and you lost me with the 5 min heads you may elaborate on that . 5min is too prevent those that switch clothes immediately after so that no one can seek revenge on them. And not sure how much of a difference it makes when people still try to kill when ever they see red " each chance" they see it. Also the fact that those who like to wear their faction outfit but dont want to pvp... this is also the problem. well they shouldn't wear the outfit ...should not be the solution to that
  20. :[ *hugs* well if you ever have a change of heart you know what to do ;3
  21. If the words are too dark to comprehend...Right click and scroll down to decode (( realizing copying my document and pasting makes it dark))