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  1. Thank you for listening to our concerns, taking them seriously, doing something about it, and communicating it to us. A lot of us just stopped playing actively since the patch, even with the addition of a new class. I am glad to know that the amount of daily challenge quests that need to be completed will be reduced, the return of ascension orb shards, and that some of the mechanics of the easy mode dungeons will be revisited for accuracy. It's highly confusing for a player to come to expect being able to clear and not wipe in a previous Normal Mode dungeon, and to introduce an "Easy Mode" where wiping is easily possible. It doesn't make it sound "Easy" as its implied.
  2. Warlock Spec Icons Transposed

    You can see I currently have Scourge spec selected. On the right side tab it's the second skill's displaying Distortion. All of the other 3 skill tabs are showing they are Scourge but they are Distortion specs. That is the issue.
  3. Warlock Spec Icons Transposed

    Scourge and Distortion have the icons transposed in the skills tab. It's kind of confusing.
  4. While being true, nothing that Cyan mentioned in that Known Issues post actually refer to anything the OP is pointing out.
  5. Aransu 7-9 Razor bugged for WL

    Why even release when it wasn't even tested to ensure it was working properly? You guys need to fix this ASAP.
  6. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    Here's the thing, I know someone realized 18 seconds is stupid long and unnecessary, but they pretty much figure that well, we'll be all attempting to try it out the first few days- maybe even a week. Then it will die down due to everyone being too aggravated. Then we'll get to peacefully spend the next 3 hours spinning the wheel for our cosmetic aura. And they can just keep quiet and "listen to our feedback" while not doing anything about it currently. WE TOLD THEM BEFORE THE EVENT HOW IT WILL GO. WE WERE RIGHT. Yet, nothing was done. Change does not have to be reactive, it can be PROACTIVE!
  7. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    The concept of the event itself is okay. What my main point is the overall spin duration. I don't quite understand the reasoning behind the 18 second spin. Promote PvP? Okay, keep more people vulnerable at the wheel by extending the time. But that doesn't equate to active PvP. Even capturing a point in BG is WAY shorter than 18 seconds. There are people who like and collect cosmetics who also don't like PvP, and being interrupted can be aggravating. Promoting PvP would be such as: kill a player to receive a drop; not attack a player to stop them from spinning. At least preventing another player from capturing a point in BG works towards a goal for the attacker. In this event, it gains them nothing other than to maybe be able to use the wheel. But since it takes so long to complete the spin, you can also be easily interrupted. Even when working in teams, having to stall for 18 seconds is a really long time in PvP. Thus leads to the point that this is promoting PvP by way of wasting each other's time from spinning the wheel. It benefits the players that want this item to be patient and let each other take turns to spin the wheel after we reach our desired kill count to get the item. Since it comes to such means, this negates the fact that this promotes PvP. The length of the spin also leads to congestion, where a lot of players will huddle around and try to spin the wheel. I know, 6 weeks of event. I know, we're limited to how many tokens we get daily/weekly, to help spread out this potential congestion. But this leads me to believe that the devs think we have such a low player base that this would be a non-issue.
  8. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    I didn't even consider that. That's disheartening if people want to grief. These are all points that PLAYERS can deduce as potential issues because they PLAY THE GAME. Hi, event planners, do YOU actively play this game?
  9. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    Yeah, true. But still 40 minutes of just spinning the wheel seems like a lot of time. Unless their suggestion is to spin the wheel only twice a day since we have 6 weeks for this event.
  10. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    Another valid point, which then you'd have to consider you are taking up at least 40 mins of their time as they just stand around waiting for you to finish your spinning.
  11. I know it's not even out yet, but hear me out from someone who actually plays this game and to Bethany and Jonathan who ask for feedback. I'm not sure how you guys thought it was a good idea to make it so you have 18 seconds to complete one wheel spin. Let's say you don't even get attacked by anyone, and you're standing there just spinning the wheel. You need 65 fragments from each faction, right? And each wheel spin is a chance for either? Okay, so basic math tells me that at the very least it's 18 * 65 = 1,170 secs, 1170/60 is 19.5 minutes. That's about 20 minutes of just standing there spinning... for ONE faction. Since one needs BOTH factions that's AT LEAST 40 minutes. You know people can complete a FULL BT run in less than 30 minutes? There's no reason to make the spin that long; even 5 seconds should suffice. How many times has a player tried to complete a quest by opening a door that takes <5 secs only to have aggro'ed a mob and get hit, cancelling the opening? I am personally unsure how many will participate in this event for what is essentially a cute cosmetic item; but even if there are a few hundred of us, all it takes is a few potential jerks to just hit you while you are spinning to waste your time. Doesn't even matter the gear, a summoner cat or warlock thrall could hinder the spinning. If you want to promote PvP, how about introducing a gear equalized battleground for an event? Kill players and each kill drops a faction item, or something to that effect. Just a broad idea as I don't like having a complaint without providing an alternative.