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  1. Thank you for the compensation. 🥰🥰🥰 Now I just need to do SB on my alts or maybe wait for next SB..
  2. I confirm. It seems that doing CSC stg 1-5 will make Soulboost work again.
  3. Maybe we could have a compensation for all the points we lost... I couldn't finish the 2-3 last levels in SB for my FM and Astro because of that (lost the points that would have opened the levels). We could get the items in the levels we opened (Bugged), that would be nice... As for my Gunner, nothing is working, all the dungs I tried were bugged, no points no rewards gained so I stopped playing it O_O Also, the event is ending next week so...
  4. it's weird, some challenges does count, like 50- 100 points but the ones with 900 pts doesn't. OMG it's like a trick, I just lost 900 points... I really have to stop doing anything...
  5. I believe Soulboost is back at counting points now. But just what about the lost ones?~
  6. Yes, it should be back to how it was just 2 weeks ago. You could finish the 7 dailys by doing PVE. PVP and Solo dungs weren't needed... Now thought, it's just impossible to finish 7 dailys, I am always stuck with 6... How frustrating ><
  7. Even with good ping (40-50ms), compared to other classes, it feels that FM atk speed is slower...
  8. First time it happening to me was for CSC, I went one go from stage 1 to 5, no points and no prove because I didn't know it was a bug... Then I tried with another character 1 time 2 stages and it didn't count, and this time I took a screenshot... Thinking the issue will be fixed next day... I gave it a try again for some challenges and no points were collected, even if I was told that stage 3 was fixed (it wasn't for me so more points lost)... I just stopped doing anything and went to run old dungs for fun... I really really hope we can get our points back because we need them (I need them for my main xD the life of a returned player sigh~)
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