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  1. Pretty disappointed in Lyn costumes

    Even the "poopy fat suit"? because that thing shows off body on other classes. Dat booty hangin out. Lyns have the exact opposite of that though Q.Q
  2. Pretty disappointed in Lyn costumes

    I know! that's the worst part for me, is that Lyn is my favorite, but their customization is really bad compared to the other races
  3. Pretty disappointed in Lyn costumes

    Like i said there are some decent ones, but almost all of them are amazing for the bigger races. I like the whole cute part i wish there was just more NOT made to make them look cute. If most of them were scaled down versions of the large race outfits i think it would look amazing, obviously keep the cute, but there's just a lot less customization available for the Lyn unless you like the cute
  4. Until today i thought all the costumes were just bad to OK and then a few really nice ones, but the second i changed to any class other than Lyn the costumes looked SO MUCH better. Amazing designs that didn't make characters puffballs and costumes that showed the characters physique and where revealing. The best example is the stinger outfit Goes from this And this To this :/ ---------------------------------->
  5. All of you keep saying this and i keep saying that there is no reason for it to suddenly drop without change. And it was like that on live servers, it was up at a steady 3.8-4 less than a week ago. Just them being easy to make doesn't make the price drop by half and them drop by 30% of the new price over time.
  6. Yeah i was always confused as to why the market is so lovely for them. Maybe if you're not a forgekeeper? idk.
  7. No, some had to have CHANGED because it doesn't matter how easy it is to make them. What matters is that there was a sudden and drastic change in the market price. Before it was steady, now it fell to less than half and is still dropping. It's not like everybody withing a few days realized it's really easy to make them AND they wanted to sell it for less.
  8. No they are just plain repair tools, not feild repair tools. Unless you mean people are selling their normal ones because they have field repair tools now. Are the RNG boxes new?
  9. Yes, but before it was at 4 silver, what kind of supply change was there that coul have added tens of thousands of hammers being added in at 2/3rds and then half the price? Only thing i can think of is lots of bots or chinese inmates who want them to just sell right away and have been making a lot of them. No that wasn't derogatory china actually has gold spammer and farmer programs implemented in their prisons.
  10. Repair tools prices are plummeting and i'm crying! They used to sell for almost 4 silver per. then i saw them go to 3, now thye're at 1.40 And i'm here sittin on a bunch of hammers hoping it goes back up. Was there an update or something that changed something? or is it just plummeting due to it being a free market run by non-business-men so it's sporadic? I know it didn't get any easier to make them.
  11. I don't know about anybody else, but i'd love to see a first person camera where-in you perspective is from your characters eyes (right now its from their chest for some reason). And have 1st person animations so you can see what you're doing. I think this would be a really fun world to be immersed in, but right now the first person camera just puts you in your characters chest and makes you invisible.
  12. Let me draw your Lyn

    I'm sure you have a billion to do, but please do mine too :D
  13. Noob Destroyer VS Giant Plague Mite Solo

    Ohh, i just fought it with my weapon, the flamethrower does wayy too little damage.
  14. Noob Destroyer VS Giant Plague Mite Solo

    You find it more difficult for noobs than pokey? iteresting. I had way more trouble with pokey than with the plague mite, the plague mite is just annoying because i can't attack it after it makes the poison cloud, i'm a blade dancer if you were wondering.