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  1. i think the support gave up on me -.-
  2. The game is suprisngly fun though quest structure is archaic. But the more i deal with the issue the less i want to play it -.-
  3. yeah...:D Now the support is telling me to uninstall my antivirus program -.-
  4. dude -.- your not helping.... i have never had this problem before on ANY other game... generally the issue is with anti virus or firewall... but this is different.
  5. on startup i have only steam adobe and mostly critical programs ie antivirus, Amd Control center ect ect
  6. turned firewall off. Same issue :(
  7. the performance is quite good actually havent run into any slowdowns. Mainly pop ins are quite bad on the game side.
  8. nope disabled antivirus no help from there -.-
  9. 1) C Drive 2) Avast antivirus 3) win 10 64 bit
  10. got a reply from support... For some reason needed my basic pc hardware and software info 0.o
  11. running it as administrator no fix and submitted the ticket. no idea how long it might take to get an answer Ty for the help :D
  12. Blade and Soul currently is unplayable for me since theres no way to fix update error.... Cant progress with the game at a certain point... Srlsly why release a game with a broken client T.T
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