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  1. TT Event, Anything Good 4 No Pay?

    This is definitely not true. You need to average around 2g per roll in order to break even vs. buying gold on the exchange. If you make less than that, you're better off buying gold directly; if you make more than that, you're better off buying keys. The average roll if you have the maximum number of slots unlocked is worth well over 2g. You probably average 2g if you include nothing but gold bars and honorary ornaments (assuming you're halfway intelligent and save them to sell a couple of weeks from now when they go back up in price). When you add in the stingers, soulstones, and moonstones, it's way better to use keys than to buy gold directly. I wouldn't be surprised if the average roll with all slots unlocked was over 4g. Of course, if you have a very small sample size, anything can happen: you could get very unlucky, you could get very lucky, or anything in between. But for the people buying multiple batches of 50 or 100 keys, that luck is going to even out, and they're going to be better off with the trove.
  2. Faction Imbalance

    I have no idea if this would work or not, but it might be worth a try: The most rewarding chest you can get requires that you kill the opposing leader after (1) you win control of SS Plains, AND (2) you lose SS Plains. You literally can't get the chest unless the other side wins. I wonder if it would be possible to make an arrangement with the dominant side that if they let you win and do the mining phase in peace, you'll leave the area and allow them to kill your leader in order to complete that quest. From a strictly rational point of view, this would be a deal that would be worth making for the dominant faction, as the reward chest is really much better than the others. Whether they would actually agree to it and keep to the agreement, I don't know.
  3. Faction Imbalance

    I'm on a Crimson dominated server, on the Crimson side. We own Soulstone Plains 100% of the time, Cerulean doesn't even bother to try. Sometimes a few of them will show up just to screw with us, but they have zero shot of ever actually winning. Our guild was approached by another guild about the possibility of merging-- essentially, we both are top-heavy in terms of having super-active officers but not so many rank and file people that play at all regularly. However, the other guild was Cerulean, and for whatever reason was not willing to change factions. That alone was a deal-breaker for us. Getting 100-ish soulstones and 3-6 (more if you roll a crit) moonstones for 30 minutes every day is just too big of a perk to give up. (In fairness, we almost certainly would have refused for other reasons, but the point is the conversation never even made it that far, due to faction imbalance.)
  4. There are only two prices: EU and NA. All servers within a region share the same market.
  5. Is new event gona be p2w again?

    You're thinking about this the wrong way. You should look at this event as people who are willing to spend real world money subsidizing you playing the game. Soulstones were 30g a week ago, now they're 17g. You still get the same 20g or so from running all the silverfrost dailies, that hasn't changed. So as a free player, this event has let you buy almost twice as many soulstones as you could before. Same thing with all the other items you need. Essentially, you're able to upgrade your equipment much faster (maybe twice as fast? maybe more?) as a result of this event, without needing to spend a single dime.
  6. If this statement were true, then there would indeed be a concern. Fortunately, it's not true. There is no method a website can use to scan your drive looking for a particular version of Flash to use to load its content. It would require that the website already have compromised your web browser in order to do this, at which point it's unnecessary to do since, well, your browser is already compromised.
  7. Bloodshade Harbor doesnt drop Pirate Accessory

    Sure, but there are some things that can reasonably be changed and some that can't. In a Western MMO, normally the dungeons take 30-60 minutes to finish. In B&S, they take 10-20. Some of the most important ones are *extremely* short, like Yeti. So if you want to change it so you don't need to run the same content repeatedly... what do you expect the players to do instead? You can't just make new, unique dungeons just for Western markets. The dungeons are short and designed to be run repeatedly, and I don't think it's really possible to localize that away.
  8. Worst Luck (More of a vent)

    In 70 runs, you should have received at least 80 gold. So if you buy the outfit, you got it by running Supply Chain after all. More generally, the only real currency is Time. If instead of running Supply Chain you had simply focused on earning gold, you could have bought the outfit in a few days. Running Supply Chain to get the outfit was not an efficient use of your time, and that would have been true if you had only run it 35 times. (Plus, remember other people are bidding on the outfit, so you have to subtract the cost of the winning bid from the 80 gold, so it's probably more like 75 or even 70 gold.)
  9. Bloodshade Harbor doesnt drop Pirate Accessory

    I'm not trying to be flippant, but MMOs are definitely not for you, and Korean MMOs are the worst MMOs in this regard. Doing the same thing 15 times? Try 150 times. That's what's required to gear up. That's true for almost every MMO, but it's 100% certainly true for any Korean MMO. Seriously. If doing the same thing 15 times bothers you, this is just the wrong game for you.
  10. Grand Harvest Square festival

    Try joining on Channel 4 or even 5. There are fewer players, which means each player winds up doing a higher percentage of damage.
  11. Is new event gona be p2w again?

    I believe people spending real world money are going to have a pretty minimal impact on the economy. For less than 19 gold, you can unlock the maximum number of expansion slots for the entire length of the event by just using HM Coin. That's less than half a day of running dailies once, or close to a full day if you don't do any dungeons and just spend 30-40 minutes doing all the solo dailies. That's a minimal investment, the advantage someone has for spending real world money on this is negligible. For less than 1 gold per key, you can buy a key for another roll. When using HM Coins, that's less than 10 gold per day for the maximum number of rolls. That's a day's worth of gathering and crafting, or a couple of dungeon runs. It's not nothing, but it's also not like it takes forever or anything. It's less effort than leveling from 1-45 like so many people did during the Warlock event just to get an outfit and some pirate emblems. The only real game-changing advantage someone spending cash gets is that he can buy more than 10 keys per day. 10 keys is over $5, the event lasts for 14 days, that's $70 just to be even with someone who's grinding dailies to pay for their keys. So the person spending cash only begins to see an advantage if he's willing to spend more than $70 in two weeks. Are there people that will do that? Sure. But it's a small percentage of the player base, and those same people were almost certainly buying currency directly using CTRL-C and then using that money to buy darts with anyway, so shifting that money from buying gold to buying keys doesn't greatly impact the total demand for darts on the open market. The small percentage of people willing to spend this much money, combined with the fact that even when they spend that money it mainly just shifts how they're obtaining their items, isn't going to add up to a big change in supply and demand. EDIT: Yes, the overall supply and demand is going to change because of this event, I'm just talking about the additional impact of people spending real world money, since the topic is P2W.
  12. Real Tilt

    You can buy the essences pretty cheap on the Market rather than continually killing Jiangshi, I think I bought over 100 when I was getting the Profane Shroud.
  13. Game dying or just unpopulated server?

    In the long run, unless they never merge servers and make server transfers ridiculously expensive, it just doesn't matter. That's probably not much comfort if you're on an underpopulated server now, though. In terms of the game "dying": it's totally irrelevant. Almost all players grossly overestimate how many people you need playing the game to make it profitable enough to keep going. Even if the game "dies" down to only a few servers, it won't matter-- if you enjoy the game, you'll still enjoy the game. The fact that there used to be 10 servers and are now 2 will just make no difference.
  14. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    You mean there are KFM players that don't have a macro set up for 3rf (or 2rf)? That's... unexpected.
  15. Guide for Latency testing BnS

  16. Mushin F8 ignoring cat

    Is Mushin like Junghado, where it only takes a single CC to work, or is he like most bosses, which require that you CC him twice in succession?
  17. IGNs: Mistress Charity, Mistress Chastity, Mistress Verity, Mistress Purity [note: despite the names, I am not interested in ERP] :)
  18. Good gauntlet skins for KFM

    +1000 I would kill for a set of just wraps, or better yet just have them be invisible.