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  1. How can you enjoy a game without end game?

    I think OP has mis-identified the "problem". All MMOs require grinding the same content over and over at end game. It is literally impossible for there to be any endgame other than this. It is simply not possible to produce new content fast enough to give players something new to do all the time. It takes over a year with over a thousand people and hundreds of millions of dollars to make a single action movie that you consume in under 2 hours. It's the same thing with video game content: what you get bored with after 2 hours, took many people a long time and a lot of money to create. In order to "hide" this from you, WoW had weekly lockouts. This is a purely arbitrary mechanism for forcing the player to consume the content over a longer (7x longer) period of time. If it was possible to create content much more quickly, no one would even have thought of the idea of telling someone who wants to spend a few hours enjoying a game that they can't, and are instead forced to wait several more days. It's purely to disguise the fact that there is a limited amount of content that is only going to keep you amused for a limited number of hours. What I think "feels" different about BnS is that almost all of the content is so trivial. You blow through it quickly because it's easy, there's never really a period of time where you're spending hours practicing mechanics or learning patterns or anything like that. I think that's why the end game feels lacking, not because you need to do the same things over and over. It is my understanding that the the equipment we have had available to us is much better than the equipment they had in other regions when our current content is released. I believe their solution to this was to give mobs a lot more hit points-- I seem to remember something like 5 times as many hit points, but don't quote me on that. That's not really a great solution, but it's an okay kludge. It would have been a *lot* of effort for them to figure out exactly how to scale damage, crits, timing of special abilities, etc., for all the mobs in order to make them give us the same level of challenge that other regions experienced. I am withholding judgment until our content finally matches our equipment, which I believe should be in Q3 this year, according to the producer's roadmap. If normal parties (not absurdly overgeared) are still clearing the latest dungeons 30 minutes after they're released, then yeah, at that point I'l concede that the endgame is lacking.
  2. Peridot Gem

    This is absolutely false. I personally know someone who was able to get it transferred. I myself was able to get a Hongmoon Energy Soul transferred, and that's not account bound. As a previous poster said, it can be hit or miss depending on who is looking at your request, but it doesn't cost anything to try.
  3. Leveling to 50

    You currently cannot hit level 50 with just story quests. However, there is a +XP event starting soon (Wednesday of this week, I believe). As far as I know, no details of how it works have been released yet.
  4. Merchant of Wonders +5 AP Peridot Gem?

    Theoretically possible, perhaps. "Quite possible", no way. You pay a hefty extra % once you go over 100g of sales in a day. That's not 100g of profit, that's 100g of sales. But let's assume that you're so god-like at playing the market that you never guess wrong. If you made 100g of *profit* every single day, it would take you close to two months to earn enough just to upgrade from True Breeze to Legendary stage 1. I guess maybe there's someone who's done this, but I cannot believe that the number even approaches 1% of the people that have legendaries. It's *hard* to always correctly predict the market. You could be wildly successful and still not come close to affording a legendary weapon.
  5. Merchant of Wonders +5 AP Peridot Gem?

    So just to make sure you understand what's going on. If you know someone that had a legendary weapon before the nebula stone event, it is extremely likely-- certainly well over 90% chance-- that they have spent over $1,000 on the game. If you know someone that got a legendary weapon after the nebula stone event, it is still more likely than not that they have spent over $1,000 on the game. If you're in a clan and know that someone is only on for a couple of hours a day and they have a legendary, it is 100% that they have spent a *lot* of money on the game, money that makes $300 seem like peanuts. It's trivial to do the math and figure out the maximum amount of materials you can earn in a couple of hours a day, and it doesn't add up to a significant fraction of what you need to have a legendary.
  6. I haven't seen this suggested before: 1) Only allow pictures to be taken from the portrait preview feature. I believe (?) this is how it was supposed to be working currently. 2) Instead of saving the picture, instead, save the parameters used when taking the picture: all the parameters that define the character's appearance (hairstyle, color, etc.), which of the 3 backgrounds they used, what the rotation of the character was, the angle of the camera, zoom level, outfit being worn, etc. 3) Whenever someone views the profile, just draw the picture from scratch using those parameters. This would (I think) have the additional benefit that whoever is viewing your profile is seeing the picture at whatever they have determined their optimal graphic settings to be, since it's being rendered on-the-fly, rather than just loading a pre-saved image. I think almost all of the code for saving the parameters should already exist, since it should be the same code used for saving presets. I think the only additional parameters would be those related to zoom, angle, rotation, etc.-- probably a very small number of additional values.
  7. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    Only a fanatic goes on believing something that they believe should be true in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence that they are wrong. It does not take 100 days, period. In the entire history of this game in every country it's been played in, no one has ever needed to spend 100 days. You're arguing for a theoretical maximum that is so statistically unlikely that you should be more worried about literally dying while playing the game as being the reason you don't get to upgrade. (Also, you need to get the weapon chest to drop *once*. There is no reason to rely on RNG when you can just do a couple days of quests and use the gold to buy a Brilliant Moonwater Key. So even the 500 number is *highly* unlikely.) No one has had the experience you're saying is such a deal breaker. No one. Every person you talk to that has a true pirate weapon will tell you that their experience is not even close to what you are presenting. Those are the empirical facts. They are readily verifiable by simply asking a large number of people. For example, if you are in a clan, ask all your clan members. I am not bad at math, but I suspect that you are terrible at statistics, in particular probabilities. While it is theoretically possible for a coin to come up heads a hundred thousand times in a row, it has never happened and will never happen. If billions of aliens spent billions of years doing nothing but flipping coins, it would never happen. If they spent the entire life of the Universe doing it, it would never happen. Just because probabilistic events are involved, doesn't mean that it's valid to take the theoretical worst-case scenario and use it to reason about the situation.
  8. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    Look, this is what you said in your original post: " Worrisome? It is mind-numbing pointless killing the same thing for 100 days if you are lucky. " No one is claiming that you should find Mushin fun, or that you shouldn't mind it being repetitive. But your original position is, frankly, ridiculous. It doesn't take 100 days if you're lucky. It doesn't take 100 days if you're not lucky. It doesn't take 30 days if you're not lucky. You are exaggerating the magnitude of the problem, not just by a lot, but by an enormous amount. MMOs almost always have some repetitive tasks that some people find boring. That's inevitable. It is literally impossible to produce new content quickly enough to allow people to play every day and not have to repeat the same things. So the real questions is, how much time do you need to spend repeating tasks that you, personally, find unenjoyable? It's never going to be no time at all. If it really did take 100 days, then yes, that would be horrible. But it's not even close to that bad. You can get every warrior token you ever need in a single week if you are willing to devote a couple of hours a day-- that's for both the weapon and the accessories. For the vast majority of MMO players, that is on the very low-end of what they've needed to put up with doing for other materials, both in this game and in other games.
  9. 500PP Pouch and vanguard

    Most people don't get to 500 in one battle, they take two. They just AFK for 15 or 20 minutes in between two battles. Lots of people never die at all, so that isn't an issue. If you're ranged, have a large number of hit points, have good ping, and decent reflexes, you really shouldn't ever die. Getting 300+ PP in a single battle is pretty easy if you have like 15 people. Some servers are so busy that you never get that few. I'm able to run with around that many late on weeknights sometimes.
  10. The cost for all 3 pieces of the broken oathbreaker sword is a total of around 65g. 15 AP for 65g is an amazing deal. That's 2-3 days worth of dailies.
  11. True Pirate changing to True Breeze?

    This just isn't an accurate description of what actually happens in real life. I'm currently on my 4th character going through Mushin's, and warrior tokens have always been basically a non-issue. 30-token bags drop at a pretty good clip. Weapon chests drop pretty often, and it's less than one day's worth of dailies to buy a brilliant moonwater key to make sure you only need to get it once. I mean, sure, at any given point in time it may be the case that you are waiting on some warrior tokens, but when that happens, it's just not that hard to get them. The idea that you're only getting a few per day is laughable. I went from 30 of them to 71 of them (needed 70 with the vipercap event) last night in less than an hour.
  12. Character Profile Picture

    I don't understand how anyone can be upset about this. It was clearly absolutely necessary. People had Nazi art in their profiles. In Germany, this could be considered illegal. People had gifs of real life ISIS decapitations. Not to mention graphic pornography. While none of these things ruin my play experience, I'm legitimately baffled that there are people that believe NCSoft should be okay with hosting such images and allowing minors to view them.
  13. What happens after 1 June?

    Unfortunately, you will still need to grind the old content for your accessory upgrades. I suspect most people will need to run Blackram Supply Chain and Nightshade Harbor just as many times as before.
  14. Could we try honesty next time?

    I have never once encountered an AFK in a dungeon. I just got done a short while ago with a 4 man Lair run that dropped 16 stingers. The plural of "anecdote" is not "data".
  15. Floor 12?

    I'm at a complete loss, I don't even know what to attempt. I can't kill the adds fast enough. Gear isn't the problem, the fact that I have one AoE attack is. Obviously other people have cleared this, but I honestly don't even know what to attempt. Like, the only thing I can think to do is try the exact same thing that has already failed so spectacularly. Any hints?
  16. If you don't have a soul yet, you shouldn't be trying to get one through Naryu anyway. You should be earning gold to buy the 3 pieces of the broken sword and create the +15 AP Hongmoon Energy soul directly. Last I checked, it was around 65g all together. That's less than the cost of creating the Naryu soul and then upgrading it to 15 AP. It also means you can earn gold however you want to, whatever is the most fun or interesting or efficient to you, rather than needing to keep running Lab over and over.
  17. Daily dash

    In this thread: people who have no understanding of basic probability and small sample sizes.
  18. Misty Wood Necklace

    I despise PvP, and was *very* upset about needing to get the weapon and necklace using Insignias, as well as needing a certain rank. And the first few days of trying to get them was very frustrating. I'm now on my 3rd character getting ready to do these, and I don't mind at all. What I learned: It is not necessary to kill a single other player in order to get the rank and the insignias. Getting the necessary rank takes about 20 minutes per day for 2 days, just doing the faction quests at the Wanderer's Hut and in the Cinderlands desert. You are unlikely to encounter an opposing player. If you do it is unlikely that he will want to kill you (he's just doing the same thing you're doing). If he does want to kill you, it is unlikely he will follow you when you switch channels. Even if he does, wait an hour and come back. Getting the necessary insignias is trivial if you are in a clan. It takes a half hour to get enough for both your weapon and your necklace. If the enemy camp is full of other players on all channels and you or your clan aren't into PvP, just come back at another time. It's more tricky to get the insignias if you are not in a clan, as I wasn't on my first character. However, it still turned out not to be that hard or frustrating once I just resigned myself to it. My method: go to Misty woods, check out other camp while not wearing faction clothes. If my side is there farming insignias, put on uniform and join them. If not, do the dailies in the Talus camp for soulstones, then check again. If still no one is there, ask in faction chat. If no one wants to come, give up for the day, or else come back later even though you're done with dailies. You only need to get lucky for about a half hour, farming both bosses 3 times should give you enough, 4 at the most, and they spawn pretty often.
  19. Actually, I don't think they're rushing content to make $$$, at least not directly. They're rushing content because they really, really want this game to be an e-sport in the West, and in order to do that we need to be able to compete in the world championships, and in order to do that we need to be hongmoon level 20 (maybe 15? I'm not positive, but it's more than 10) and have access to all of the hongmoon skills. I think this is a terrible decision, but I do think that's the reason they're doing it, as opposed to trying to get money out of people trying to keep up. Most people have a set amount they can afford to spend each month, even if it's not an actual budget per se, and that amount doesn't go up just because there's more stuff available to buy. I'm sure they are getting more money from the upper 5% of spenders or whatever, but they're also losing money from people getting frustrated and quitting. I think if it wasn't for the e-sport thing, they'd be releasing the expansions maybe once every 4 or 5 months.
  20. They acknowledged that this is an issue on today's livestream, and said they will be making changes to help people gear up. They gave as examples the ongoing XP event and the increased frozen stinger drop rate, and said there would be more events and changes in the future. As a related example, they said this patch was originally planned to include a separate legendary weapon path that is much more expensive than the one we ended up getting, but they yanked it because it would be too expensive for most people. I got the impression from the way they spoke that they legitimately are aware that the gap between the haves and have-nots is too large and really will work on fixing it. I cut them some slack here, they're being forced to make up these adjustments on the fly, because it's impossible to accurately predict what releasing all this content in such a short period of time will look like. On a semi-related note, they said that the +AP gems from the trove event will be available to get via some non-pay method.
  21. To those who watched the livestream.

    Yes, they answered it. Gameguard is here to stay, it is an integral part of their infrastructure. You are encouraged to send them logs to help them file bug reports with the people that make gameguard, they gave a pointer to where to get instructions for gathering and sending the logs which you can look up if you're interested.
  22. Daily dash

    I thought I got "extra" spins too, but then I noticed that the Daily Dash is going to reset at 6pm server time. So what happened is I got my spins before 6pm, it reset, then I got my spins after 6pm. It seems super strange that the Dash isn't resetting at the same time as all the Daily Quests and stuff, but whatever.
  23. Floor 12?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give them a try tonight.
  24. Why everyone is quiting

    What? I get over 100 soulstones a day from SSP with True Pirate weapon? Grand Harvest can easily be completed with even less than True Pirate, you just need to make sure you join Channel 3 or 4 so that there are fewer people so you have longer to do enough damage to get credit. I have clan members that were doing it with True Profane. Arena PvP is the ultimate example of gear not mattering at all, since it literally doesn't use the stats of any of your gear-- not your soulshield, not your weapon, not your accessories, not your soul, nothing. Did you perhaps mean open world PvP?
  25. Why everyone is quiting

    If you're no longer having fun, then you should do something else. It's really that simple. You can always come back in a week or in a month or in a year. I'm not sure what you expect in terms of The Grind. It is impossible for any game company to make new content as fast as people can consume it, so in every MMO that has ever been created and every MMO that ever will be created, endgame consists of doing the same content over and over. They may have different incentives for doing so, but there is no alternative to the basic need to repeat the same content. If you are focused on the fact that it takes so long to get the "current" gear, then I think you have an unfortunate perspective that is going to lead you to be frustrated. The incentive for repeating the same content over and over in BnS is that you gradually acquire resources to upgrade your gear. The important thing to realize is that the most current gear is never necessary to complete the current content. The latest gear is something to aspire to, not something that is necessary. As far as players leaving, it's impossible to say if this is actually a problem or not. EVERY MMO experiences and exodus of players for the first few months. People try a new game, they don't like it for one reason or another, they leave to play something else. This is entirely normal. In the case of BnS, lots of people that are leaving give as their reasons the bots, hacking, price of upgrades, P2W model, etc. So what? People leaving other games give reasons like boring combat, tab targeting, poor character creating tools, generic fantasy setting, etc. People have different tastes, preferences, and priorities. In another 3 months the dust will have settled, we'll see if there's still a healthy player base. But the fact that a bunch of people are leaving 3 months after release is normal, expected, and no reason to panic.