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  1. Bns flaws

    1-3. thank u!! 4. raid loot system is not fine, i already listed one MMO example where raid loot is not shared 5. deleted 6. i do not do pvp either, but it makes sense that if 'gap closer' is 16m, 'SS' should be the same distance, thus 'Awakening', it gives bm 16m on 'SS' 7. i know sf rev can be reset by gunner, i'm concern about global cool down on sf rev, after reviving a player, that player cannot be revived again in 10min, absolutely does not need this in pve, especially in a raid that is fully of lags and a single mistake can result in death/wipe
  2. Bns flaws

    5. most dungeons are pretty much pure dps right now and skip mech, kind of pointless to still have instant wipe & fire wall imo, but u may be right, these two most likely will not go away, i'll just drop this point [END]
  3. Bns flaws

    4. can u stop changing ur statement! ur ORIGINAL STATEMENT for #4 is 'thats the entire point of raids. Its the same in other games, nothing wrong or different here', and i have listed ONE example of raids where loots are NOT shared, given bns has over 10+ classes, it may be hard to get bored 5. i can also say DPS is part of the mech, nothing wrong getting rid of fire wall so players can run back to 'cheese' it, hp for most dungeon bosses are nerfed royally already, this is the same problem as not fixing the use of dragon pulse in battle stance, look how long it took for bns to fix it 6. ur CORRECT answer should be 'Awakening is there to fix the problem' 7. being able to rev every 2min will certainly help alot in TT, especially considering how lag fest it always is in there, either bns fixes the lags (skill delay, freezes, ping spike, fps drop, etc) or give us 2min cool down on rev, i have to use 'exitlag' to lessen the lags ps: i tank guild raid clear TT boss 1 in 2 days (3hrs each), 1st time clearing as well, 1st time tanking TT myself as well
  4. Bns flaws

    1, 2, 3. pls keep in mind, this is my personal point of view i do know the story, and personally i hate that so many betrayals are written into it it's like bns cannot write a good story without betrayals and getting the protagonist kicked countless times 4. Soul Worker raids' loots are not shared, everyone picks up their own loots, same for regular dungeons' loots, can u imagine how fast i gear there!! 5. u have a point on enrage timer, no point for instant wipe or fire wall though 6. simply make skills in pvp work differently than in pve, just like how bns scales new event RSC dungeon, not hard to do 7. i tank bns raids fine, thank u, it's TT's unforgiving mech that drives players crazy along with lags at critical mech point
  5. Bns flaws

    Okay, after playing bns for 3 years, i have found many critical flaws in this MMO 1. story line is full of betrayals 2. being Hongmoon Master equals nothing since i constantly get my butt kicked by countless villains 3. even my disciple Ryu is going to kick my butt to kingdom come in the next story walkthrough 4. raids' loots are shared among 12 players which means it will take longer to gear up 6. why 'SS' is 8m for melee class while 'gap closer' is 16m? (ex. bm) 7. why sf can only rev everyone once per death per raid boss (given enrage timer and cool down restriction) 8. why sf rev can be interrupted, especially rev has very long cool down already this is more of a rant due to 3 years of frustration playing bns i'm not even going to go into the fact that players have to fix bns themselves to run it somewhat smoothly, especially in mech-heavy TT raid where one small mistake can result in instant wipe
  6. Where is new KR bathing suit??

    Okay, NCSoft WHERE IS MY NEW KR BATHING SUIT 2018?!? every other region, except NA, has received this costume last week we are right in the middle of summer season how long are u planning to make NA wait?!? hurry the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤UP and release it already!!
  7. Boring bi-weekly outfit rotations

    JUST STOP being so damn greedy, NCSoft stop boring us with ur old/ugly cosmetics bi-weekly start giving us what we want!! this weapon skin is already in F3 since last trove hurry the hell up on other pieces!!!
  8. Boring bi-weekly outfit rotations

    NCSoft, where the hell is my poharan ponytail ... u already put Wingsmite weapon skin in F3 give me the other pieces that go with it, slowpoke NCSoft D: and where is my blue-and-white color version of Scarlet Shade costume?!? whoever do cosmetic design at NCSoft, pick up ur stupid slack!!!
  9. Suggestion: Alice Costume and Hair

    it is a good idea but seeing how slow poke NCSoft is don't count on them too much >.> had to wait 4 months+ for Royal Rebel i have no idea how much longer i need to wait for my Poharan ponytail ... asking them to release cosmetics is like asking them to release content
  10. premium-membership-tier-reward, comment

    wow, so being a rank 10 premium myself will pretty much get punch in the face by NCSoft coming on 1/17 this is just great!! OMFG NOT ONLY THEY ARE SLOW AT RELEASING COSMETICS, BRING OUT BAD RNG BOX, THEY ALSO SEEM TO HATE RANK 10 PREMIUM MEMBERS ...
  11. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    OMG, last anniversary NCSoft brought out Alice for free my ponytail is a costume designed item from TW server and TW has it for over 4 months now y do i need to keep waiting for it ... it's like waiting for Royal Rebel once again D: Wingsmite weapon skin is already in F3 ... y do i need to keep waiting for my ponytail instead releasing ponytail, NCSoft put tiger set in RNG box ... when phoenix set was not in RNG box keep it up with ur slow-poke attitude, NCSoft ... ugh i almost had it with them!!
  12. NCSoft needs to add tokens for bt every 10 runs (10 tokens) a player can redeem an accessory i mean u have it for bt cosmetics ... y not accessories?!? plus u think a whale will want to hold back his dps?!? a whale spends a lot to get his dps as high as possible, y will he hold back? he will only show it off so he can be praised i dare him to pull aggro from my bm in vt blue asura i'll boot him till kingdom come!!
  13. playing bm since beginning, i feel the same pain of losing aggro i do understand that having decent gear is required first to keep up DO NOT say it's okay for BM/KFM to lose aggro i dare any whale with superb dps to grab aggro at blue asura in my vt raid since i'm raid lead, i will boot that whale instantly!! also, give back threat on cyclone and raid, y even remove it ... stupid NCSoft is it funny to watch BM/KFM lose aggro in crucial role?!?
  14. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    i forgot to tip that my ponytail is TW's costume design winner although the winner did pretty much copy and paste the old mod i'm so happy my ponytail is coming to NA it's weapon skin (Wingsmite) is already in game so HURRY IT UP, SLOW POKE BNS!!
  15. FINALLY, it is coming!!

    1/17 is anniversary patch judging from last year anniversary, bns released alice ribbon (costume design winner) i'm expecting on 1/17, my most wanted poharan ponytail will be released DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME, BNS!! BNS TW has my ponytail for more than 3 months now HURRY IT UP!!