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  1. They're not gonna do anything, lol
  2. Too bad this game'll be dead by the time this patch rolls out in NA/EU.
  3. I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not, but if you aren't your pretty blind dude.
  4. The other way to remove mob aggro is to GLIDE over them, except for some ranged mobs. I don't get why more people haven't found this out yet
  5. He was obviously being sarcastic, the games gonna be dead in 3-4 years and that's the solution
  6. If anything they would tell you not to "name shame" and ask you to send them a ticket in support. After that there just gonna send you a reply back saying that "the player is under investigation" but "the investigation" takes them forever and it gives the hacker/botter enough time to make a good bit of money and transfer it to his/her main account. Such bullshit.
  7. Sadly NCSoft only cares about raking in as much profit they can get before the inevitable demise of this game cause of their incompetence and greed.
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