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  1. Thanks it helped. I'm going to level up the Gunslinger until misty woods and then continue with the SIN. If my ping gets worst ...then I'll continue the gunner :D
  2. Hey there, I'm currently returning to the game and I've created a gunner just to see how good was it. I've been playing SIN before the gunslinger appeared and I have both at level 48 but I can't choose one to main and do end game content. I'm playing around 200-270 ping (Someties 320 when the server gets lag.) I like soloing dungeons and having fun playing with others too. Should I continue with the SIN? Should I go for gunner ? what do you think about these classes? (damage-soloing dungeons, avoiding damage, having fun playing it).
  3. Hello everyone I've been having problems with the game since the gunslinger patch came out. My game crashes everywhere when I play with the new class and I can't see a single thing on the market. example : I picked weapons and shows nothing, then I clicked on "clear" and then the items appear. Any idea of what is going on?
  4. I think that the patch had some code that broke something in the game. My game has never crashed that bad until now. I guess we have to wait for answers.
  5. Hello my question here is if SIN class still pretty fun to play with these changes. Is it wortht as a main? between BM and this one which would you think is better to farm and enjoy the game?
  6. Hello, I've been testing the kfm but I didn't get much fun so I'm going to discard this class. So I have a SIN level 41 and a BM level 41, I have so much fun with both but I feel that the SIn is going to be boring as hell but I don't know why, With the blade master I have fun but some people say that the BM is not that great, that they're just crap with the damage nerf and something like that. I want to master a class at first so this class will be my main, but I can't decide between these two. Someone can just help me to decide? , I like dps mechanics and tons of fun (PVP is other thing..I'
  7. Haha, I see...Im about to decide now so, in your opinion wich class will be the best for me? as I like the dps "tanking" and pretty good looking animations
  8. Hm I see, the problem is that I enjoy both of them but, I also want to master a class at first and with all the comments about kfms and BM that I´ve been seeing all this month is kinda dissapointing, I mean, people say that kfm is a shitty trash can in terms of dps and play style while some people say that BM is better and now they are trash in pvp.
  9. So in dps the kfm is better? And so as they say kfm is a good mian class instead of going BM as alll the people do?
  10. Hello there, I've been playing blade and soul abd I level up with a SIN at 45 but I don't feel that their style is my thing(I mean a got bored of just stealthing). So I wanted to try between a tank and dps class so, I played as a BM and KFM and before leveling up some one first I want to know the specs of them, how good are these two classes in dps fun and play style. I want to try a first main in the game so I want some help to decide.
  11. Hello there, I'm currrently playing as a SIN and a soul fighter but I want to main a first class and level up with this class until 50, so my main question is :wich is more fun : SIN or SF?, talking about pve and dps (I'm not a huge fan of the pvp but I like to try it once a week). I like the play style of these two classes but I really like to focus in one first, can anyone help me and talk about the current state of the classes? dps, combos, play style... some stuff like that :)?
  12. Hello there, I posted this issue with the support team but they don't know how to fix it, so I'm going to post this here to see if anyone has the same issue and knows how to fix it: I already update my launcher and game files, I already hit the fix button and nothing seems to happen and of course my system is a 64 bit one with all the drivers updated. I had no trouble playing blade and soul but I wanted to try the 64 bit option but when I tried to see the option in the launcher there was no option to do it. I watched that you should have an option in the launcher, a little check box
  13. Thank you all for the replies ! you have helped me to decide :)
  14. yeah, Thanks for the comment :D
  15. ISOPG


    I have the game and all working perfectly but I want to try the 64 bit version of the game, since I have been playing in the 32 bit version. NC launcher does not show me the option and nope, It's running 32 bit version as default..My OS is x64 bit so I don't know what to do :(...any help?
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