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  1. Question from a Blade Dancer

    Dragon is the best on Blade Dancer. Tiger is viable and is a bit better when you don't have VT, Raven, and few other higher end equips but people get Dragon since it gets a lot better when you start getting the current end game equips.
  2. Draken Bracelet Nerf

    I just started few days ago, 8 runs so far and only in normal mode. 3 Bracelet dropped, first one i got for 1.8k, second went for 1.7k and today it went for 1k, so i got back about 450-500g so far. The more it drops the more money i get back from getting the bracelet. :D
  3. Grand Phoenix giveaway winners

    Dammit, got excited for 1 second when i read "Omar" LOL
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Brown fox http://imgur.com/a/Q4Dkb
  5. NCSoft Emails, real or fake?

    IDK D: LOL i stopped playing bns moonths ago anyways but the email caught my attention. I provided the wrong pin anyways. Did a pass change and thorough scan just in case though!
  6. NCSoft Emails, real or fake?

    [moderator edit] ** WARNING : DONT CLICK ** GG phising site? I clicked it, asked to log in and so i did and it asked to enter pin. I put the wrong pin in and it logged me in.
  7. Is this real? It's in my Junk messages though. http://imgur.com/a/6hhCq
  8. Chinese server BD new skills

    Looks good :O hard to see the animation though since he's underwater.
  9. Why the negativity about server merging ?

    I'm sure it'll definitely change how SSP is in Soha. It's pretty much dominated by Crimson but apparently one of the servers that'll merge with Soha is dominated by Ceru so it'll be a fun experience :D
  10. I agree with this! Make it account bound pl0x :p I actually just asked them to transfer my emblems to my new main, hopefully they'll be nice about it...
  11. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Yeah thats one thing i HATE about this game. No option to get back the progress you've done on one character. Just like all that gold i dropped on SF only to figure out that they need more requirements in order for them to be strong x) Not worried about the progress I made with FM though since I can use her for SSP and whatnot, 513 AP is alright at the moment + it's an FM so the dmg is still there.
  12. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    I personally don't like how the class' attack speed is slow. I did however love the iframes and whatnot. After that i gave BD a try and I fell inlove with it immediately. Strong and fast attacks. Many skills that make u invulnerable + they're near the top of the DPS tier i believe. Overall i think it was just the transition from FM to SF was a big change in terms of damage and speed. I also personally didn't like how SF basically just hold RMB for Chi stacks then change to FM for V+2 while doing RMB+LMB then back to KFM stance. SF needs a lot of crit and basically better gear in order to reach minimum potential.
  13. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Main'd FM for 3 months or so i believe. Stopped upgrading at 513 AP (True Pirate and True Siren/Awakened Oath Accs.) Saved up for a month or so to get atleast 1.5k+ gold to fund a BD and so far BD is so much fun and i think it'll be my new main, making my FM an alt :p *In between the FM and BD, i funded a SF to 485 AP (True Oath and Awakened Siren Acc) and didn't like it LOL, blew 400-600g on that RIP.*
  14. Server Merging it is Happening /shock

    What @Aethyr said. That's what i think. We'll be able to see them throughout the game but still have their server name on. idk how everything else will work though.