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  1. Dragon is the best on Blade Dancer. Tiger is viable and is a bit better when you don't have VT, Raven, and few other higher end equips but people get Dragon since it gets a lot better when you start getting the current end game equips.
  2. I just started few days ago, 8 runs so far and only in normal mode. 3 Bracelet dropped, first one i got for 1.8k, second went for 1.7k and today it went for 1k, so i got back about 450-500g so far. The more it drops the more money i get back from getting the bracelet. :D
  3. Dammit, got excited for 1 second when i read "Omar" LOL
  4. Brown fox http://imgur.com/a/Q4Dkb
  5. IDK D: LOL i stopped playing bns moonths ago anyways but the email caught my attention. I provided the wrong pin anyways. Did a pass change and thorough scan just in case though!
  6. [moderator edit] ** WARNING : DONT CLICK ** GG phising site? I clicked it, asked to log in and so i did and it asked to enter pin. I put the wrong pin in and it logged me in.
  7. Is this real? It's in my Junk messages though. http://imgur.com/a/6hhCq
  8. Yeah thats one thing i HATE about this game. No option to get back the progress you've done on one character. Just like all that gold i dropped on SF only to figure out that they need more requirements in order for them to be strong x) Not worried about the progress I made with FM though since I can use her for SSP and whatnot, 513 AP is alright at the moment + it's an FM so the dmg is still there.
  9. I personally don't like how the class' attack speed is slow. I did however love the iframes and whatnot. After that i gave BD a try and I fell inlove with it immediately. Strong and fast attacks. Many skills that make u invulnerable + they're near the top of the DPS tier i believe. Overall i think it was just the transition from FM to SF was a big change in terms of damage and speed. I also personally didn't like how SF basically just hold RMB for Chi stacks then change to FM for V+2 while doing RMB+LMB then back to KFM stance. SF needs a lot of crit and basically better gear in order to reach
  10. Main'd FM for 3 months or so i believe. Stopped upgrading at 513 AP (True Pirate and True Siren/Awakened Oath Accs.) Saved up for a month or so to get atleast 1.5k+ gold to fund a BD and so far BD is so much fun and i think it'll be my new main, making my FM an alt :p *In between the FM and BD, i funded a SF to 485 AP (True Oath and Awakened Siren Acc) and didn't like it LOL, blew 400-600g on that RIP.*
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