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  1. So I recently upgraded to an i7 8700k and a Kraken x62 AIO cooler. Overclocked my CPU to 5.0 GHz (1.344V), and the CPU temps prior to starting BnS seem to be idling at 30 to 35 Celsius. When I start BnS, I notice the temperature and CPU usage spikes so drastically in such a short amount of time, and it crashes. This is my assumption, and please correct me if I'm wrong, especially those who have had the same experiences: - With attempting to run BnS, the CPU usage and temps spike so quickly, I've noticed that the cooler cannot react fast enough, and a safety is triggered in o
  2. Ah, I didn't even think of that. I just went with what was on my mind at the time. It truly has been a while. Thanks, you guys. I did get lucky with RNG once LOL, I have 5 slots open now. RNG for 6 slot incoming (or not ;-; )
  3. This is what I get for not asking what to do first... Disassembled my Awakened Scorpio Razor, got a Baleful Razor with 3 slots. Unlocked one slot, and got it to Stage 6... Did the first portion of the quest line, and I end up getting a Stage 1 Baleful with 6 slots. Wellp, guess this is what happens when you try to rush, and screw yourself. Guess I'm sticking with 4 slots. Get cucked.
  4. Can you fail it completely? Is there such thing as a /suicide emote in the game if there is a possibility of failing?
  5. Please tell me this may be the same issue as the Cobalt Captain ;-;
  6. And with being at work for totals of 14 hours+ on most nights, I had issues trying to come on during days outside of my one day off. 3 and 1's with 12-14 hour days make video gaming hard. Realistically speaking, I only had 5 free days to do any type of leveling to 45, and on bad internet, that's incredibly nerve-taxing.
  7. No, I understand, but I can't play constantly without risking myself disconnecting on a random basis. I'm running with about constant 400ms, so I'm kind of screwed either way. I just was not physically (or virtually, I guess) able to do it.
  8. Yes, I suppose you are right, but with my also upgrading (currently up to Awakened Siren weapon and jewelry), I was spending money on upgrades already. I can't PVP because my ping is abysmal, so I have to buy some of the mats that require pvp to obtain.
  9. I tried to send a ticket about the Temptation costume event, and I was shut down. Fair enough; I didn't get the event deadline in time, so nothing can be done. I was more so told that it wouldn't be fair to the other players who also didn't make it. To be honest, I felt like complete crap, but there's nothing that can be done about it. I get screwed because of work, and I can't put the blame on anything but myself for not trying hard enough to get it. I also kind of accepted that the costume is not going to be released, since I didn't get an answer about it aside from, "keep a look out on the
  10. I start the game in February and take a good liking to it, so like any good game, I drop a little bit of money on it just to have a little more fun; cosmetics, etc. Warlock releases, and there's an event. I grind my ass off to 44 and a half, only to be a day late because my schedule at work is ungodly *cricket*ing horrible (3 days on, 1 day off, 12 to 14 hour shifts). I miss the Temptation costume by 1 day, and the final day that I was able to level to 45, my internet went out, and I lost out on the opportunity. For the three weeks, I've been grinding my *** off with Bl
  11. Many players here like to role-play every once in a while. With role-play comes some imagination or creativity, and gives players a more immersive experience in creating their own characters' stories, and a good character development as they play. What I'm suggesting is pretty simple, but I think it's pretty good. (Hypothetical) Instructions: 1) Press F2 to view character information 2) Within character information, you can see your character's Profile Picture. On top of that, there is a tab that is labeled "Description". Click it. 3) Description has a sm
  12. Erm, no haha, woops. I meant whenever someone gets bored or is unsatisfied, just buy a race change from the Hongmoon Store, and use.
  13. Naturally ; I do feel this is pretty fair though, considering the time it would take to completely model the classes with the proper weapons and skills. A few other games I've played have done this same thing as well. It's still not a bad thing to have; would be pretty convenient for sure!
  14. Just out of a show of percentage, how many times has a Pirate Princess token dropped during Poh6 since the patch removed Poh4? I'm at 40 runs, and have seen one drop (unfortunately going to someone who dropped 14 gold on it ;-;
  15. Idk, I guess just video games get boring after a while, so often I find myself perusing the Hongmoon Store, in hopes that somehow, there's going to be some awesome costume that catches my eye, not even 24 hours after the new costumes for the month were just released. I'm that person haha! Messing around with race changes, character changes, and cosmetics is a lot of fun, definitely more fun when coupled with the grinding that's slightly less pleasant than a rough turd D:
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