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  1. Cant log in

    Anyone knows that the Hell is going on?
  2. Cant log in

    Yeah same as mine. No idea what im doing wrong
  3. Cant log in

    i log in ok in the new launcher, but the ingame i get to put username and password...again and it fails. whats going on
  4. unable to use skills

    guys something weird started happeing after the patch 8 days ago. Sometimes when im in a dungeon or in arena, my skills seize to work. the just stop, i can see everything that is going on, the party skills, the bosse's skills, i can type in chat, but skills just wont work. Anyone got any clue what is going on? i had never had any problems, well not this kind of problem but any help would be apreciated thnx
  5. Pet guide

    Hey guys i was wondering if there is any updated pet guide out there thnx
  6. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Its so funny when some companies try to make the game better when you actually made it worse for some people. XIGNCODE detects Wtfast and gives me an error. my ping is 200+ now instead of 100-120, so thanx but no thnx. Wont be playing this game anymore if XIGNCODE continues to block Wtfast and im guessing a lot will do the same since we dont live in a convenient place to play Xigncode Xigncode Xigncode
  7. Hey guys Anyone else having lags and ping issues since the last update ( april 5th ) ? My interent is just fine, but the game went from 65-75 ping latency up to 95-100. No idea why , just wanna know if anyone else is having similar issues. Thanks
  8. As the title says NCsoft doesnt give a S**** about the players, unless of course u buy their coins, then you are legit, you are fit to go. I ve been playing NCsoft games since begining of Aion, when they started with Aion, its was a whole different, they cared, they made events for the players that u didnt have to spend money. In comparison with now?? jeezzz, blood sucking company that only purpose it to suck u dry with their "events". When was the last time they made an event that u didnt have to spend money?? can't remember?? neither do I .A game full of bots, hackers, gold spammers and they dont do anything,unless of course u buy their coins. They dont give population numbers to public cause they lost so many due to the things i said , more than 60% left the game in just a year alone and the ones that are left are the rich, wallet warriors. But you know what , they dont care!!! Cya... or not
  9. reduced prices??

    yes i know the prises Raizou. my question is does anybody know how much they will cost after the 5th of october patch? is it worth waiting or its not gonna be much of a difference
  10. reduced prices??

    Hi guys, i ve been reading about the reduced prices regarding the evolving of accesorries and weapons. I noticed the reduction for the accesories but i cant seem to see and difference for the weapons. for example, for my true breeze to transform to awaken scorpion i now need 44g, 11Sts, 80Moostones,250 soulstones, 200 stingers and 15 naryu tablets. The website has post the new prices but they are exacly the same as the one i have now Am i missing something here? can anyone elaborate please? Thanx
  11. Disconnected

    i got disconnected at least 20 times the last 3 hours. i dont know what is wrong but it pretty sure its Ncsoft's fault since my internet is working just fine. Tyrean did u send a ticket or something?
  12. Disconnected

    what is this with all the disconnections?? every few minutes i get a message like error 3000 and im disconnected. was all ok till the last patched .
  13. Is Arena Dying?

    Arena is not dying its dead already. when 60% are bots,10% afk cause thy derank, and some 10% are hackers...we are left with 10% if we are lucky to get a good match. im talking mostly in 3v3. if its like this u better remove the damn thing or do something about it!!!
  14. hi i dont know if its a general problem or its just me, i cant log in in my account, well actually i can but i cant pass through the pin code in game, i get an error and a server disconnection....i cant remember a single day since launch that we didnt have a problem ....its starting to become annoying as hell
  15. Missing NCoins.

    Its been 2 days for me. Still nothing...way to go ncfail.