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  1. Frankly I don't know what it's called, but how good is the Breeze Bracelet (obtained in Mushin's tower from npc) vs other purple bracelets out there? I saw one today drop from 6 man BSH.
  2. Where is this outfit from, what is it called, and would anyone know if we will get it in the Silverfrost expansion?
  3. [Light Specter] How much did you pay?

    I threw about a 100 to 150 bucks at NCSoft for that event. I have no complaints, but will not buy even a *cricket*ing single nccoin from them again until botting and speed hacking issue is resolved.. I actually disenchanted the light one because I already had one. First 50 keys was shit. Second set of 50 keys dropped 3 outfits, one black, two light.
  4. Bots and Hackers

    I am starting to loathe NCCosft as a publisher just because of their lack of responsibility when it comes to bots, cheaters, and hackers. such a wonderful game, such a disgusting greedy publisher. How about next steam we talk about bots. Not about P2W items to reset a dungeon, not about new content, about the *cricket* bots, hackers, --and, cheaters, okay? Screw your content updates.
  5. This needs to end

    Enough! ... you aren't being funny or helpful anymore. NCSoft doesn't give a rats ass and everyone including the non-English speaking custodian knows that this is a pandemic of a problem yet to be resolved whilst legitimate players have had it up to their necks with it.
  6. Can we already get rid of these speed hackers from SSP? Here, let me sum it up... LOG THE F*** ON GMs and YOU'LL SEE HACKERS! There, now can you get rid of them???? I swear to Jesus you will see them! Pick a channel, any channel, any server! This question has been brought up during the live stream and covered up. Posts were being deleted as soon as they were raised in regards to bots, cheaters, and hackers and left unaddressed! What a lousy publisher... I get it, you want to find the silver bullet to stop bots. IT'S NOT WORKING!! And in the meantime, get a GM online to ban them! Why? Because your 17 million dollar revenue for B&S NA came as a good faith contribution from people like me, and I assure you, that number will be WAY lower next time, as people like me, now have their wallets closed until issues (yes plural, holy fking shit imagine that) are resolved!
  7. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    I gave them EVERYTHING! All the info, and I am telling you right now, THE *cricket*ING SPEED HACKERS ARE HERE! All the evidence and information you need. Come see for your self GMs. Mushin server, CH1, SSP
  8. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    I did report to customer service, for 2 weeks straight, and the same bots and speed hackers are there. Thank you!
  9. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    It's an expression meaning that you see everything perfect, filled with roses, when the actual world is a mess. That said, about 20 speed hackers in SSP on mushin server... what the hell are GMs doing about this? If they want evidence it's right there, just log on and you'll see it.
  10. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    How are those rose colored glasses fitting?
  11. SSP Hackers

    Instead of merging threads could someone do something about the issue? Pretty please? Pretty f'in please???
  12. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    The game is good, agreed. Publisher running it... my god.... It's like putting a casino into a circus.
  13. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    You are talking about an algorithm designed to positively identify bots. However, they are only half the problem. The other half is players who are using cheat programs. They are not hackers, they aren't even kiddie scripters. They are cheaters who can bypass your hack shield faster than a pimp can slap a ho. What about those? I respect your position to defend this publisher. I too once used to. Sadly the truth is, until we all close our wallets these dimwits will not listen. Simply put, to them, it's cheaper to leave the problem as-is. Greedy ass crooked publisher, nothing more. I seriously should just hack and RTM. Why not make good money at their stupidity and ignorance? The more I think about this, the more inclined I am to do just that. Am I afraid of getting banned? Hell no!
  14. SSP Speed hackers RIGHT NOW in SSP

    Seriously, Game Guard is worthless. It screws over legitimate players. GMs in this game are worthless, looking for some magical silver bullet instead of addressing the problem at hand. It's pathetic! I've been buying costumes, premium subscriptions, gamble boxes, etc, whenever each one came out, just to show support. You can kiss my ass NCSoft. Worthless publisher! God, and so arrogant, ... I watched your live stream, I was in that chat. People were asking about the bots and hackers, over and over and over and over. You guys were deleting the messages as soon as they came, but the flood was so huge and overwhelming that a good number of them trickled in. That liaison chick that forwarded the questions to the managers and producer, can you please fire her?? It's people like her that contribute to this problem! How can the managers and producers know just how bad of a problem this is when I AM WATCHING A COVER-UP LIVE! I am assuming the producer and the manager could not see the chat. I refuse the believe they would steep that low if they actually did.
  15. I used to play this game religiously every day for at least 5 hours a day, much more on weekends. It's been overrun by hackers and cheaters. Today I logged on, and right in front of me is the same speed hacker I've reported countless times. Yep, he's still here. Killed him as he tried to make off with a crimson body. Saw another speed hacker flying by, picked up the crimson body as a cerulian order player (working as intended right?) and logged off. Just like many others before me said, this game is a haven for hackers. Bots & Spam, that's all this game has been reduced to due to a shitty greedy publisher.
  16. Decrypting a hashed password is one thing. Stealing information from them is another. To be honest, I don't know how a hacker could get their hands on their database, but I do know that if sensitive information is leaked, they, by law, have to report it. Given that this has not happened, I don't know. But seriously, how hard would it be if you know what you are doing? Just look at all these holes! Their infrastructure has more holes than Swiss cheese! It's like they went overboard on some parts of their security and completely failed on others. Hello???? Anyone paying attention here? Your security infrastructure is only as strong as your weakest link! No wonder they got a grade F. I mean, just look at this! I wonder how much damage I could do using IE6 on their site which doesn't support it (allowing for multiple attacks due to lack of support in the first place). And how lovely, POODLE bytes TSL attack is like fishing in a barrel it seems. Forward secrecy's key exchange algorithm is shit, etc etc etc. Frankly, reading over that document, is anyone actually surprised that so many hacks happen? Frankly I am surprised I am not able to execute something as prehistoric as a Sequel injection to steal their data given this readout. Seriously, I wonder how much damage I could do with Tamper Chrome addon alone. Good thing I am on the right side of the law when it comes to cyber security. These hackers who steal our credit cards because of NCSoft's incompetence, that's another story.
  17. When I see a level 45 speed hacker that means NCSoft has done shit for 45 levels. Let's get the facts straight, NCSoft will only lift their finger if a dollar drops from their pockets, no sooner, no later. They kept the bots in game to boast about their subscriptions, which by the way may have included BANNED accounts, who knows, but it most certainly included bots. Sorry I'm not buying this. And frankly, literally; my wallet is closed until I can login and not run into a single level 45+ hacker, cheater, or a bot. Until then, well shit, I can't complain any further since I won't support them and in-turn bad mouth them with accordance to my own personal experience, now can I?
  18. Being able to change email without verifying old one is common sense, I agree. That statement was just to show how easily one can disable the so widely recommended (by their staff) two-step authentication when the truth is its nearly useless versus combating account theft. How do they steal your account? It's really not that difficult but you would have to know a few things about forced entry and cyber security. That's not a topic I wish to explain because it's a university curriculum in itself but just to give you an idea, a hacker can take an encrypted password and crack it in even minutes using Rainbow Tables. That is why I strongly recommend to make your password over 15 characters. They would need government computers to crack a longer password by such method. If if I may suggest, to make a stronger password, all you have to do is use your ordinary simple password, and add 5 dots before it and 5 dots after. So if my password was "cat" I could make it exponentially stronger by changing it to "" After that I'd change the "cat" part to "C4t". Combined, you have an extremely tough password to crack.
  19. They log into your NCSh** account, aaaaaand, click change email. That simple! Once logged in you can change your email once every 90 days without any restrictions what-so ever.
  20. Account HACKED

    no No NO! That is NOT his problem. Two-step verification is trash. It protects nothing! Say I am a co** sucking hacker and I just cracked your password. Once logged in I will change your email to my VOLATILE untraceable email. I will now access your account and REMOVE the two-step authentication! It will ask me to enter in the authentication number before I can remove it. On that screen I click the fu** you button and it will instead ask me for a secret code sent to the email on file. The email on file is the new email I just entered that I have access to, from where I grab the verification code, enter it, and remove your authenticator. I now have access to your characters from where I'll steal all your gold and attempt to charge your credit card (in game). I will also check to see if you stored your credit card on the website and if so wipe out your bank account. If you ask for your money back from NCSoft they may drag their feet. If you do a back charge from your bank NCSoft will permanently ban your account. If the credit card on file is a debit card, the bank has the right to tell you to go pound sand; you are at their mercy although most will want to keep you as a customer. If it's a major credit card not associated with a bank debit card you have 60 days. NOTE!! Remember all those informercials who ask you to try their product for 90 days or your money back? 90 days because after 60 they can tell you to fk off and there isn't a thing you can do about it if you used a credit card. Similarly NCSoft may drag their feet for that duration and you may end up with nothing at all anyway. So what CAN you do? Two things: 1) Change your email every 90 days. By such, hackers will be unable to change your email since it has a 90 day lockout period, thus they will be unable to remove your two-step login process; your characters are safe! 2) Send in a support ticket to billing department and ask them to remove all credit cards on file from your account. They will ask you for the last 4 digits of the active credit card for ...verification purposes? Now hackers can't charge your bank. If you want NCCoin, but codes from Amazon or use PayPal, but why would you want to support a company that supports cheaters, hackers, and cyber criminals? Also if they ban your account because of a back charge from your bank, go directly to Better Business Buearu and expose this borderline fraudulent publisher. Don't worry, at this point your account will be banned anyway. And hacker can change your email prior to this thus still remove it. See my post above how to protect yourself.
  21. There is something very wrong with a lazy publisher when I can log on and in less than 2 minutes show you at least one hacker, bot, or cheater. So here's what's going to happen. I am done paying for this game. I will not buy another NC Coin until this problem is addressed. I will not support this game, I will not give it good reviews, in fact, I'll take every opportunity to bad mouth NCSoft that I can get. No more than 4 years ago, EA Sports was just as bad. Two "poo awards" later their stock plummeted. Yea, that's the online economy telling a publisher to fk off so loud that their stock took a beating. Last time I spoke to EA Sports, my god their tune changed! But I digress. So, if this game is to be a haven for cheaters and hackers, so be it. That's your right as publisher NC Soft. But I will not be part of it. This wallet is closed, and I will take my frustration out on the social media and public sites. Oh and if my account gets compromised due to your pathetic security, I will take my complaints straight to BBB boards before even sending a single ticket. A few months ago I flipped a coin between Black Desert and this drek. Thankfully I purchased founder's packs in both of the MMO's not just this one. It may be too late to take back my premium subscriber that I just purchased shortly before the update, but it's not too late to change which MMO I will spend my future fortune on.
  22. I just purchased 3 month premium (despite my better judgment, but we shall see how this publisher progresses on fighting the bots, hackers, and cheaters), and I have not received any indication of obtaining that black head piece that covers your eye. Has that promotion ended or did I miss a step?
  23. Head piece for purchasing Premium?

    I see, that explains it. I bought a one-time 3-month subscription; there's no way I am doing recurring as long as bots, hackers, and cheaters are running rampant. In fact the only reason I even purchased the 3-month one was because I respect the witnessed interaction the NCsoft staff had with people on these forums and few other things. So, they have gained partial respect from me, but not to a degree where I would fully open my wallet to a recurring subscription. It was just a way to say "thank you" for all they have done, but await more to be done about the hackers, cheaters, and bots.

    2-step authenticators alone won't stop a hacker. It can be easily disabled. Your only saving grace is to use, both, 2-step authentication and change your e-mail every 90 days. Only then are you going to block a hacker from accessing your account (assuming your e-mail is not compromised) and even then they can probably use your credit card online, which you can only remove if you ask NCSoft to do so. Also look at their security grade; it's F! Meaning any kiddie scripter who knows a thing or two about the Rainbow tables, can crack your code with not so much effort.