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  1. Yura. Kinky, powerful, submissive, evil, and extremely loyal to whoever she considers her master or mistress to be.
  2. Started attacking some trash mob, screen froze for 10 seconds, dead. Man, and I thought Vindictus was badly optimized. What's funny is that I am running $5k worth of hardware (32gb ram, devil's canyon Intel chip, superclocked 780 Ti SLI, etc) so seeing freezes like this just blows my mind.
  3. There has got to be RNG spikes. I remember getting the talos uniform twice in less that 1 minute once before. Other days I can go weeks without seeing one. I wonder if that 5x a day would actually be more favorable. Maybe instead of an RNG there is a diminishing return where after each attempt your chance is reduced. I can think of a lot of examples where the "I got it on my 3rd try" clashes with "400 tries later still nothing" where the middle ground is pretty vacant. And not just in this costume case, I mean in general.
  4. Please make these purchasable directly from NPCs for 5,000 tags or something.
  5. An option to increase the slider by 2x the current size would be lovely. Gon is just about fine but other races are... Meh. Take some pointers from skyrim mods, a nice Caliente tool would go loooong ways here.
  6. If rank 10 would make wardrobe accessible even after premium expires, I would be a very happy. I'd even call that rank 11 and worth pursuing.
  7. It's posts like these that make me want to buy more NCCoin. I highly respect the fact that the company browses the forums and acknowledges these things. This response alone just gave me a boost of confidence in any future discrepancies that may surface that NCSoft is on top of things and they are staying true to their word. Rest assured my wallet will say thank you on my behalf. In addition, this may explain a few things. Notice how after the RNG boxes we got a package in lieu of an RNG box and then a straight sale costume. I actually encourage people with monetary means to do so
  8. That black outfit worn by the villain NPC, I'm going to get one on each character as long as it's not in a gatchapon. If it is, I'll just get mad and not buy anything for a few months, but that's just my way of retaliating. Enough of such (*cough* Scarlet Blade) and I close my wallet forever. This is nothing personal. I just hate gatchapons (RNG boxes) and censorship. We keep those two cool and I go Barbie on my characters, blowing money out the window.
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