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  1. Heard about the expansion came back into the game grabbed my character and after learning what I could about the changes noticed grapple was missing and that's how I discovered this post... Grapple was simply a fun mechanic and a unique one at that and they gutted it and I could've lived with changes in numbers but if the entire mechanic is gone then I guess it was a waste to reinstall.
  2. The scene was too much even more so when you think about her being defiant and fertile and how long they had her. Something like that shouldn't be in the game at all coupled with a new villian who barely wears any clothes at all you can see the direction this game is taking. I understand the game itself has physics and some outfits however those are player base and the previous villians Jin and co always dressed and acted like villains. Their body designs weren't over the top either nor were their personalities. Has the game dipped down so far that such things with Yura are the only way t
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