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  1. Being able to farm on main would be really nice, just like the yunsang beads,because gearing another character just to be able to farm 20 coins on it is really not an option for me, since my alt is mostly "Pvp" geared. please make it a thing.
  2. Starting BNS problems

    So, earlier today, was walking on zaiwei and i dc'd, normal, it happens every now and again, but then when i tried to start BNS again, i was unable to, every time i click the shortcut on desktop (even as admin), it simply does nothing, i can sit and wait all day long and it wont do anything, any solutions or anyone having same issue as me?
  3. NA, theres legit no point playing on arena right now, its impossible
  4. Like, really? i'm a plat sin ( well no longer plat because of summoner bots) and 90% of all my games i play on arena, are against destroyers or summoner bots, both are getting really hard to beat, since the destroyer follows u into stealth and the summoner has a 0 cd on stealth/resist skill, which even i, a stealth class, have it. so please. CAN YOU *cricket*ING FIX THAT OR ARE U GONNA ANSWER " WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON THIS ISSUE" AGAIN?! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.
  5. I can't enter to the game.

    I had this error, go to task manager and there should be a "blade and soul by bloodlust" , finish it and the error should be gone :)
  6. Crashing on launcher

    As title says, i cant get past launcher, when i click play it shows up this message, is anyone else having same problem or knows how to fix it? thanks in advance! https://imgur.com/r9zBT80
  7. Just sent a ticket about the problems, and i legit got same replies as i got from an older ticket i sent about another bug some time ago... can't even rely on tickets now, they dont even reply to it, its all bots.
  8. Stuck in character selection menu

    damn.... i really hope they fix this, cuz this game is just so good
  9. Stuck in character selection menu

    omg! finally someone with the same error as me! I sent a ticket yesterday and they said they're working on it, we just gotta wait