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  1. I have done almost 100 runs of outlaw island, and I have only seen the gloves drop from boss 1 once and a few times from boss 3 and 4 but most of the time it's yeoharen that dropped it for me so I don't suggest farming just boss 1 for it
  2. i was same as u rank 9 but 5 slots baleful, so i just sent a ticket in they can one time for u revert the weapon back 3 stages so u get the mats and gold back. So i did that and just started a fresh weapon from start that i got 6 slotted from the wheel npc.sucks but it was worth it over gambling ever getting a 6 slot in the future
  3. here is my 100 keys results, Got lucky enough to get the guaranteed crits 3 times with 100 spins. https://gyazo.com/4bbf7adc9ad90f9f185d9f53206439ce
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