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  1. again youre not gonna have as much utility breaks and recovers as he does with stuns
  2. youre not always gonna have anklebreaker off cooldown and might i suggest they have resists too especially when they scale into the trees
  3. there is no blowing escape or making a mistake when fighting a destroyer their tab has no freaking cd its a damn stunspam edit- and you cant block that
  4. like the cow poo youre saying isnt even related to the topic?
  5. it is true that you need to knwo other classes well but if your damage spike revolves around block and all the classes have a block break with next to no cooldown like wtf am i supose to do lol doesntmatter how much you know all the classes they can just spam2win
  6. fm is no problem but destroyer and bd is stupid as heck
  7. 1. garen - destroyer 2. lee sin -kfm 3. whatever the hell you call this stupid rat - bd 4. bard-sum 5. arena is totally balanced
  8. bm is like bottom of tbe list right now in arena
  9. does that change the fact that its a hongmoon skill? no. have YOU looked at the tooltip?
  10. you do realize take flight isnt some spammable skill right
  11. have you seen ANYONE with hongmoon skills you drunk or something?
  12. you complain they have many escapes how about why do you have so many stuns
  13. like how tf do you even fight against destroyers as bm. jump=stun hit=flinch theres no cancling his skills its retarded. i literally had some kid spam spin and stunlock me like wtf is this pvp's stupid might as well go back to playing karthus
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