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  1. Thanks! Anyone else think it would be a great idea to feature the link to this launcher on the https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/download/ page? I think it would help a lot :D
  2. I download the BnS_Lite_Installer.exe I run it, it installs suspiciously fast for a large game. I try to run the desktop shortcut, it tells me the file to launch the game does not exist. I look for the file in the installed folder, no eligible files. Help:?
  3. I know how to type my email and password. Oddly enough if I go and replace my password with the password recovery it will let me log in with the same password lol What's wrong with login these days
  4. Hey guys, I understand this is VERY low priority. My request is to please make the Dark Angel (and the White Angel) wings into Accessories rather than part of the costume. Again I know you guys are probably busy but if you could please humour us with this one it would be an amazing gift. Please consider!
  5. Call your ISP and ask them very politely to reroute you to ncsoft.com If that doesn't help the problem is not on your end but ncsoft's and chances are they are working on it.
  6. Main thing is, everybody needs to start somewhere. In all of the games that I have ever played, I've always either helped lowbies myself, or suggested them to find a clan instead. There is nothing wrong with wanting help, especially because this game is intimidating to be new and clueless and alone in. You have the right to decline lowbies if you just want to climb, but just remember that you were there before.
  7. I need advice, please. I'm a multi-character type of person. Classes I like... in order of most to least: Kung-Fu Master: Even if I never quite managed to beat Junghado, likely because of my subpar gear, I do love this class the most. Assassin: I couldn't decide which one to ditch. I run them parallel, the assassin is a bit behind. Spirit: This just came out recently, I may even like this more than the K-FM, not sure yet. I did enjoy leveling my Force Master and Warlock as well but they're less interesting for me. The point where I was intimidate
  8. It already is a single player game.
  9. It already is a single player game.
  10. I'm seeing several issues brought up over and over. None of them are addressed in the slightest. It is obvious that the game's owners do not need user feedback. Why make a forum then?
  11. It is impossible to progress without public matchmaking. High level players are not interested in helping low levels because there is nothing in it for them. Solution: 1. Make dungeons easier if they cannot be matched for 2. Make progression not dependent on dungeons
  12. I'm doing that, and youtube vids. Still this discussion needs to go on
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