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  1. If you think RNGesus is with you then go for the gamble if not then straight out purchase the gem you need.
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GRxcdC A build i made for my friend, its amazing and can handle all new AAA games at 1080 High 60 FPS , Cost is 1050 CAD (755 USD) but you could cut down on the ssd if you need to.
  3. Ncoin Promotion?

    So i guess its only for physical cards not digital ones?
  4. I had a similar problem yesterday , the only difference being i complete couldn't login into the forums(everything else worked fine). Today everything seems to be alright.
  5. http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/160533-guide-bopae-and-legendary-weapons-post-nlab/ So i found this on dojo, not saying its 100% correct but might just be right, again im not claiming anything here.
  6. If this is possible that it should be implemented , /support is possible :)
  7. Goldleaf Foundry "Red Mask"

    One way of countering it, anyways good luck on your future runs. :)
  8. Goldleaf Foundry "Red Mask"

    *pain to life
  9. 6 Small Things BNS Should Fix - Do You Agree?

    1. Good suggestion 2. No, as selling stuff to NPC's are not the way you make money , there is a marketplace for that and yea you can get healing tonics from the marketplace for 20 copper ea , the ones merchants sell are only meant for when there is absolutely nobody crafting these. 3. Not needed as we can already equip an alternate soul shield and also fusing crit into 1 of your soul shield set is really expensive and time consuming i dont even wanna think about a second, as for a collection point of view might be good but then again NCSoft has more important issues to deal with. 4. 1000's of players play everyday and pool in their suggestion and then if you want to type in a 1000 word essay you think they gonna care or have the time to read it, bigger suggestions/feedback is supposed to be put on the forums, 5. Good suggestion 6. Already be suggested ,but good suggestion-
  10. 100% ban proof way to buy gold

    Currency Exchange is the Legit way of doing this and you can access it by typing in ctrl+C, with it you can sell gold for hongmoon coins or buy gold with NCoins/Hongmoon Coins. There are few items like infernal lord horn and other materials which are tradeable.(Not sure if you buy it from the hongmoon shop you get the untradeable version-somebody clarify this please)
  11. KFM or FM for next class?

    I am a Lvl 45 FM and can say its a great class to play both for pve and pvp, DPS is insane and is a pretty good self sustaining class , can solo alot as well. As for KFM i played it till lvl 10 (not because i dont like but becasue i dont have the time) and i know i dont have enough experience but from what i played i kinda loved the class, all i can say is that it is very engaging and fun.
  12. The RNG is beyond rigged

    i got my deva in my 9th try , the imperator one in 1st try and profane in 1st try too, the infernal from Tomb of exiles took me like 18 if im remembering correct, so what i am trying to say is that RNG in this game exponential and you can't determine how lucky you are going to be. Also yea i haven't gotten the Dark pirate outfit from Nightshade harbor after over 150 ess spent on the wheel of fate so yea.
  13. Like this game alot too, mainly because of the amazing combat and different Culture base of far eastern Asia and also because its F2P and has very little P2W (more like P4C) elements embedded .
  14. Instead of a door there can be a Semi-Transparent Power wall which does not kill ofc, anyways +10000 support on this suggestion.