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  1. A few outfits

    Thanks for the information.I'm gonna prepare myself for these boxes then.
  2. A few outfits

    I hope they do.I want these outfits so bad.
  3. A few outfits

    I wonder when they will bring back those outfits below: Dark Distinction Dark Emissary Wings Special Forces Crystal Mosaic Breezy Rider And when they bring them back how are we gonna get them?Are we gonna get them from f10,rng boxes or the boxes that we can get with event tokens(like Admiral's Selection Chest for example)? I would be grateful for any information. Thanks.
  4. Infinite Challenge

    Okay thank you for the info.Im just gonna pray for better luck :p
  5. Infinite Challenge

    Hi all.I just want to know if this outfit still drops or just removed from the loot.I already did 60+ runs and i dont wanna keep farming if there is no chance to get it...
  6. Cannot upgrade my weapons

    I wasn't playing for a two years almost.Two years ago i was able to upgrade my weapons.But now i cant.I have True Ivorymoon Bracer Stage 10.And it says cannot reinforce.Salvage for useful items. I dont know what to do now.
  7. 2x launcher (matryoshka.exe)

    I'm having issues with the ncsoft 2.I closed windows firewall and defender.But i'm still having error when i downloading the game.Some of the errors was like this as i remember; 1- Cannot find the file.I dont remember the rest. 2-Control your isp or something like that. 3-A few hours ago i opened the launcher again.And at %53 it stopped by itself.I closed and reopened the launcher again.Now it's downloading. I'm sure i'll have errors again.