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  1. Cannot upgrade my weapons

    I wasn't playing for a two years almost.Two years ago i was able to upgrade my weapons.But now i cant.I have True Ivorymoon Bracer Stage 10.And it says cannot reinforce.Salvage for useful items. I dont know what to do now.
  2. 2x launcher (matryoshka.exe)

    I'm having issues with the ncsoft 2.I closed windows firewall and defender.But i'm still having error when i downloading the game.Some of the errors was like this as i remember; 1- Cannot find the file.I dont remember the rest. 2-Control your isp or something like that. 3-A few hours ago i opened the launcher again.And at %53 it stopped by itself.I closed and reopened the launcher again.Now it's downloading. I'm sure i'll have errors again.