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  1. Destroyer DPS lackluster in PvE

    totally agree with You 100 % .. destroyer seriously need to do more damage .. last few patches only make destroyer more weak and weak among another classes .. it is like game developer really hate destroyer class .. hope thay fix this
  2. pvp guide arena

    i search all you-tube for guide how to pvp with destroyer class VS BD., Sin , WL .. cant found any yet ... any one have guide of how to pvp with destroyer aginest those classes ? iam gold rank destroyer .. and no matter how hard i try always fail to reach platinum rank , plz help
  3. pvp guide

    any destroyer out there can make pvp guide for us .. how to pvp with FM- assissan - BD - KFM- SF - summoner ... any thing helpfull to improve my pvp skills ? .. or destoyer in this update not good in pvp aginest another classes ?
  4. SSP lag

    hi guys .. after server Merg .. my ping in game goes to 400 at boars only ... and normal around 100 150 ms .. only super lag .. at boars only and this mean i got no drop cos of lag after waiting 30 min of farming for this .. what can i do ,, my internet speed is 1 MB
  5. infinity Tower ..

    how to Deal With ,, Blade dancer class in infinity tower ... it waste time so much for me .. my max record was floor 50 for now ... the only class that no idea how to deal with it in tower .. Blade dancer ... if any destoyer can help me tips or video .. how to deal with blade dancer in tower ... thay resist alot and when i fury thay run away immediately wasting my fury ..thanks you in advance
  6. WTF .. i disconnect during infinity tower .. i got no reward nothing .. just waste of tower infinity ticket ..... plz do somthing about disconnect in tower
  7. Warlock no chance vs destroyer

    would like to see any destoyer over there beating Warlock in pvp 1 vs1 ... how ? no chance
  8. Destroyer vs. Warlock: What to do?

    hi ... survive there Burst .... and u will win .... use Blue buff .... use tier 5 spin the one that give 400 % def and get u out of snare and give u 80 % speed .... use ur Shield to lowest cool downtime ... try this and tell me if it help you
  9. so lagy

    i got problem with the server since the Soulfighter patch ... when i log on some time i got so lagy and only chat working and checking another people profile in game .. open market open game shop .. all np .. only skills and hitting moster and teleport so lag ... it comes to 900 ms may be 10000 ms .... it only happen after i log on for max 30 secand .. if it didnot happen .. i play fine with 100 200 ms ping ..... to fix this problem i have to restart my router like 1 million time and open and close the game alot of time to get it working probably.. what it is going on ?????any idea .. plz help
  10. PvP Warlocks......

    dude .. iam destroyer class ..and warlock is so over power class that need to be nerfed more ... what u talking about not make any seance .. this class is very very over power ... raping machaine ..with resist every thing
  11. destroyer weak class .. dont play with it .. reroll another class .. or quit the game
  12. Buying Spring Keys

    how do u trust some one to give him gold first before he gift ? .. he can just block you after u give gold .... and support will not help you in this case if u get scamed ... even if u have prof of this deal ... thay will just tell you .. this trade not supported by ' Ncoft ... i advice .. dont trust any one and give gold first .. or u might be scammed ,, i got scammed 2 time like this way ... good luck
  13. Tier list of pve classes?

    iam destroyer :(