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  1. Server Lantecy

    More compalins. They have just switched the 6v6 from the F8 servers to the F9 servers. So now I lag in 6v6 as well. SMFH
  2. Server Lantecy

    Wow, ok, you are in worst state than i am. This needs to be shared w/ the community. I am sure others have experienced the same.
  3. Server Lantecy

    OK so the problem is NCSoft chooses Texas based server. Well, there it is, no maintenance can fix this issue i suppose? Maybe NCSoft can workout a deal w/ Level3 communications on this routing issue for east coast players?
  4. Server Lantecy

    I did a pingplotter trace to ncsoft Packet loss level3 communications.
  5. Server Lantecy

    Will there be another maintenance tomorrow?
  6. Server Lantecy

    Not sure if maintenance was the cause. Shouldn't maintenance improve game play?
  7. Server Lantecy

    Are you a bot? Double post right after i post...
  8. Server Lantecy

    This ping has been like this since introduction to Mushin 8 for me
  9. Server Lantecy

    I am in Atlanta, GA and this is what I get for latency to the following IP:Port. Is this normal? 150 - 300 ping~ 80 - 300 ping~
  10. Game-Server Latency Issue Report Thread

    This basically is what NCSoft told me after I ran PingPlotter. Is it really my ISP?
  11. Latency issues in arena NA player

    I have the exact same issue w/ Arena, I was wondering why i am moving so much slower compared to other players. I thought it was just me being bad and have brain lag, but then i saw this. I am in south eastern US