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  1. Yes, just like Cache Panda Village from Moon Refuge. You can mind your own business, but people can decide to dive in and kill you anytime. Since the event has been monopolized by whales today, I doubt they actually killed each other (you know, gilded penta gems), but if you manage to get in, just prepare to see your health bar exploding anytime. My advice is to ignore the event for this whole week (unless you get to party up with someone really strong and farm in peace) and let whales farm, so they leave the area and lower geared people can come in and grind, hopefully withou
  2. Yeah right, guess my reasoning would work if there was good people behind NC$oft. I completely missed the point of capitalism there
  3. Guess those 300 whales make them a paycheck for the whole company if they are that bold to push such an event. I'd turn the game from free to play to subscription at this point, that would make more sense
  4. Whales only event in a limited access map where no more than 300 people can get in for the whole damn server, and they push it as their anniversary event. Figures. I swear to whatever deity there is out there, devs were either really, really drunk when they thought of this event (and kept being drunk until today), or they really hate us. I see no other reasons for such a slap to their playerbase.
  5. The chest I sell lets you select which Hive Queen material you need, so you can potentially grab either Rancor, Husk or Barb at your will. Now that I think about it, i'm not sure I can physically trade it (unsure if i can trade it as unsealed chest version). Anyway, I'll still PM you if everything is fine, my IGN is Littoria. Should I not be able to trade it, search in Marketplace for it, as I said before you should be able to buy a chest with way less than 30G
  6. Not necessarily a bad move, I myself have gone Raven 7 -> Aransu 1 and still got a decent DPS gain for it (may be the class, but eh). You will go to Aransu 3 asap anyway after that. Also, answering to @trowafuh: I feel you, I was in your same situation until last week, but managed to buy the Hive Queen material from Marketplace. It won't cost much, 10-15 gold at max, especially today since it is raid reset day and people will be dropping a lot of chests. Should they cost anymore than this, either wait or PM me after maintenance is done, I will sell you a material chest I dr
  7. When I first came back playing around a week ago, I've noticed there is this new Unity system which enhances stats quite a lot if used correctly. My question is: what skill from Fire GS (now called Destruction path) do I have to enhance through Ascension stones? I'm pretty sure it is Carpet Bomb since Firefall is mostly used for landing Unloads and Sniper Stance is meh, but my opinion may be wrong, so I'm asking here.
  8. This event is dead from the start. Just the fact they made a PvP event (so stuff when you kill each other) for freaking Valentine's day is conflicting. Add this to a wheel system where you have to wear the faction outfit to spin (which takes 18 seconds,just to give others the time to sip some tea then oneshot you) and you made the perfect retarded annoying event. Yet they can still save it by giving back the wheels to Pinchy and let us trade the essences from Dragon Express,while still keeping the faction outfit purpose (so PvP players can still fight between them without harmin
  9. I'm rather new in this game (been playing since mid October,even thought my account is way older). My current main is a Gunslinger,and later I created a Blade Dancer too. Since I like this game so much,i just funded myself three more character slots,which i used to create a Force Master and a Warlock,all classes that are good in PvE (judging on faction/clan chats). Now I've an empty slot,tried to fill it with a Summoner,but it isn't just my type. So i ask you all: what class should i choose now? I'm mostly into PvE and i don't think i will start PvP too soon (because i'm
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