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  1. a) i see no problem if someone ask for ap above his own. if he has too low ap for this dung just don't join. b) Trolls but more worse is if they joined in a pty what already depart and refuse to leave (e.g yesterday where a 370ap guy joined desolated tomb). c) see here no problem.
  2. ty for all the input so far. Well i guess i have to practice some stuff still not won a single match against a WL :/.
  3. Well if you take 2 sentences out of the context like him you can read it 100 times and will still not get my point.
  4. If you come to this conclusion you should read my posts again.
  5. With your post you just prove it again but since you like to pay more, and you want upgrade mats as well, i sell some moonstones, stinger and soul stones just for 1000g each. but well im somehow sure that all about your awesome richness is just a part of your Troll nonsense and in reality you not even buy a single key :D.
  6. For what reason should i call ppl who share my opinion a troll? Well.. what else then a troll should someone be who basically say "i hope that stuff like new costumes and gems are hidden behind a pay wall huge as possible so noone who is not rich like me can access trollolololol"?
  7. I dont try to tell him what he should do with his money. I was just curious what the reason may is for wanting to paying more then needed. But well it is kinda obvious that this guy is a troll (like you).
  8. Well i don't smoke and drink too but still don't get why someone prefer to pay 10 times more then it should be needed. Do you buy bread from baker for 30€/$ each too because your "set in a career" (how can someone being "set in a career" anyway if he obvious cant handle money)?
  9. Im wondering if ppl who wrote stuff like this are just trolls or rly prefer to be ripped off for 100+ $/€ for things they should usually have for free or much less money like 15-20€/$.
  10. We should not forgot about the limitation of slots to 2 for ppl who don't cash this sh!t. The f2p part of trove is just useless and a bad joke because of this limitation all around and. Whales cash stuff like trove exclusive costumes, a sh!tload of upgrade mats and gems and a f2p get ... well... yeti SS part, siren token or similar crap in his 2 sh!ty slots. And this sh!t replace daily dash where you got at last sometimes stuff like hm coins or dragon pouch, gg N€soft.
  11. Because everyone has his own definition of p2w. normal Players: p2w is happened if you can buy ingame power with real money. What is happened here in Bns where whales can cash themeself instant to endgame gear. N€soft/fanboys: p2w is only happened if you can buy for example the OneHitKillEverything sword +4523421 with real money but only if it is not purchasable with hmcoin. So in N€soft's eyes they didn't lie.
  12. Ripoff trove is back lol. Didn't they said that they won't do p2win trove anymore? Well, all this rich morons who are to dumb to handle money will trash 1000+ €/$ anyway so im not wondering that N€soft keep milking this scrubs. Im looking forward to all this "i used 1739814798571847918748917489 keys LOOK MY AWESOME MASTERCARD SKILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" topics what will come. I hope they don't hide some exclusive stuff like costumes or gems behind this ridiculous huge paywall. Or give us the korea treasure trove where we can buy keys and stuff with token.
  13. WL are most time invulnerable because of it low cd shield and the time they are not protected by his flying papers the hide them self in the daemon, block and/or put some golden chain on the ground. Together with this 24/7 protection they can burst you down in like 2 sec. with a shitload of op damage skills who give a *cricket* on block or other protection skills like hm block. A usually game against a WL is like this. -WL summon and throw his daemon -use some kind of self protection so that all my attacks do nothing to him -unleash the blue hell on me what kill me i
  14. Im still wondering how ppl can fall for this obvious scam o_O.
  15. I agree with this if i'm near a bigger group of player my fps drop to ~5fps and it makes almost no different which settings i use only deactivating shadows and physics for other players give me ~5 fps more. Me Pc is not high end but it's still strong enough to handle every recent Game (at last every i played so far) with high setting and always 40+ fps. Blade and Soul: Textures from 2004, Hardware requirement from 2034.
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