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  1. a) i see no problem if someone ask for ap above his own. if he has too low ap for this dung just don't join. b) Trolls but more worse is if they joined in a pty what already depart and refuse to leave (e.g yesterday where a 370ap guy joined desolated tomb). c) see here no problem.
  2. pls fix 6v6 Matchmaking

    Current im one of the guys with crit def but still cant go much past 1400. Not because im just sux it is because i keep losing because sh!t matchmaking. And in the current state the matchmaking don't even consider the elo. If it whould be so i should not end against full gold team with ~1400 elo and a full silver team especially on season start where just a few ppl already reached gold. End even if they just consider the elo it can't be the goal that 90% of all games end in one team faceroll the other until the things maybe balance themself out after a few weeks. This is just frustrating and will end that ppl just stop doing 6v6 until it is dead again. If you wouldn't come with "facts" what i already refute in my start post i wouldn't call you a troll.
  3. pls fix 6v6 Matchmaking

    Duno why you always troll you should ask this yourself not me. But if you dont just troll you stopped reading after the title otherwise you should notice that the examples i give for the issue cant be explained just with "Season is just 5 Days old, that means that everybode is at 1300".
  4. pls fix 6v6 Matchmaking

    Pls troll somewhere else, ty.
  5. pls fix 6v6 Matchmaking

    Um.. you say this as if Ncsoft already say that somewhere. If so a source would be nice.
  6. pls fix 6v6 Matchmaking

    I was hoping that the new elo system for 6v6 bring at last some kind of balanced matches but nope still worse as before. Srsly im currently ~1400 elo and keep beeing facerolled because of bad matchmaking. I have no problem if im in a team what lose because we got outplayed but 90% of the matches ends in a faceroll result like 1800 : 200 because i land in a pty full with 400ap ppl and opponent is full with 700ap+, other team is full gold and my team is full silver or we have a huge class inbalance like team with 4 bm fight team with 4 summoner/WL. So pls fix this or 6v6 will be soon death like before.
  7. 6v6 is NOT Pay2Win. PVE is. But NOT PVP.

    I wonder what some guys try to reach if they try to defend Ncsoft for the p2w accusation? This definition is kinda outdated and the publisher are aware of this so they made it theoretical all reachable for f2p's but in reality the effort is this hight that not even nolife 24/7 player can reach it (e.g 750ap+ with everything max and all heptagonal ap gems). So the situation remains the same as if they do p2w like your definition. The definitive has basically evolve because of this (at last for the most non whale player). But at the end it doesn't rly matter if we call it p2win, p2progress or p2whatever because it makes the problem itself not a single bit better and the discussion about this is just pointless.
  8. New Five Point Strike speed in yeti

    i not even used cyclone iframe here before patch what i do is: if in normal stance: q - e - ss - 5pt - e - hmblock if already in draw stance: e - q - e - ss - 5pt - hmblock.
  9. worst event

    ^What fanboys see, meanwhile reality looks more like this. 1. "Complaints" don't like to lose against guys just because this guys are rich and they are not. 2. "Complaints" like this game but see how Ncsoft and the braindead part of the whales slowly kill it with rng cash casino what makes alot f2p and low/mid casher leave. 3. "Complaints" want to make constructive criticism about things what went wrong in this game (because they like this game). what always end in huge bish fight because all this fanboy troll come out of his cave and start defending inexhaustible n€softs rng ripoff like a white knight and not even have, or use, a single argument what is not completely bullsh!t. So ripoff is necessary for a company to survive? lol you must be joking/trolling. Lol "reasonable price", meanwhile you have to spend hundreds or thousands of €/$ if you want something worth. Fanboys in a nutshell.
  10. worst event

    The "free" part of this event is just a bad joke, you have to use hm coins worth 1000g+ to have at last a small (very small ) chance to get something usefull. y totally fair this "event"! It is just useless for everyone who is not a whale.
  11. Das NCsoft das system so manipuliert hat das nur Spieler was bekommen die schon komplettes op gear haben bezweifle ich (würde auch überhaupt kein Sinn machen). Allerdings ist es wie du auch festgestellt hast abzocke. irgendwelche tollen items hinter einer beschi..eidene droprate zu verstecken so das der Spieler im durchschnitt hunderte von Euro versenken muss wenn er was davon haben will. Ein abzockevent halt, dazu da um die Whales zu melken währenddessen bekommen f2p garnichts brauchbares und low/mid casher nur mit extrem viel Glück vielleicht ein Kostüm oder ein gem.
  12. Thank you for the whirlwind valley changes

    I rly like this changes ,it put life back in this gamemode. The best thing was that they removed the ability to join as 6m what finally prevent the whales from farming the f2p ppl. So yea i have to say thank you for this too. The changes was about time to come.
  13. Summer Trove worth it?

    If your not a whale who like to spend 100+ €/$ in gambling you should stay away from this because Trove is just ripoff only made for milking the whales.
  14. is there any way to beat a WL in pvp?

    ty for all the input so far. Well i guess i have to practice some stuff still not won a single match against a WL :/.
  15. Summer treasure trove YAY!

    Well if you take 2 sentences out of the context like him you can read it 100 times and will still not get my point.