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  1. As an FM you should never lose to a sin. It's a really easy concept to grasp. Much harder to execute. You want your 3 to stun and generate a frost orbit. Once you have at least one frost orbit. Games pretty much over. Anytime they go into stealth they'll get rooted and you impact stun out of stealth. The main thing is to keep at least 1 frost orbit up at all times. Impact out of stealth. And save your escapes for when they go for combo's
  2. What you ment to say is. You purchased Ncoin at 60 each (7 deposit) with 19g The mail is confirmation press F10 and it's already applied to your account.
  3. Guys no fighting in the forums please. Take it behind the Dojo
  4. It has a mind of it's own... THE COMPUTERS ARE RUNNING AND THE DEVS AREN'T KEEPING IN CHECK!!! Y2K! Oh wait. We went there once before... At any rate. No dev has even read this let alone commented on if they're aware of the issue or a possible cause
  5. I understand bumping is forwned upon but I'd like to know if anyone else has this issue or if any has a solution
  6. I clicked on quote by accident but. I like the 9-1 On my FM I got to 28-1 before I started only fighting destroyer and Blade dancer. Just not sure how to handle them. But I'm having fun! =D
  7. You may feel the need to prove yourself to people. I don't care. You can believe me or choose not to. It's up to you.
  8. Every single time I go into arena my UI moves. I go out of game and reset it. It's completely fine. Go quest go in combat. Completely fine. But the MOMENT an arena starts. Not the lobby where you can change your skills. Actual combat. My UI moves to random places. And I have to quickly Shift+F1 then it cancel for it to reset to it's customized locations. E.G. My Hp bar goes to top right corner Target enemy hp goes to bottom of screen All abilities get moved OFF the screen Mini map gets moved to center of screen Chat moves from bottom left to botto
  9. While every classes has skills that "Can" (BM Tab, FM 1/2/3/Tab, Destroyer Tab, BD Tab, I don't know KFM skills, Summoners pet) Most classes can't accomplish this because it is based on the location of the specific player in relation to what the server is reporting. I.E. Lag makes it impossible for many classes. Unless you can constantly spam AoE I hope you continue enjoying your classes! (And maybe soon Warlock? =D) And the adjustments come when we finally get 50 and Hongmoon levels. Since they pulled data from 50+15 however they locked it for programming translation purpo
  10. Also Can't wait till 50! And Hongmoon levels!
  11. So I've now played the game a fair bit and here's my thoughts so far. (Keep in mind this is my experience and my opinion while everyone may have their own these are mine agree or disagree just remember. This is all opinion based on experience) PvE At 45 we're stuck farming dailies every day and farming crafting mats to be able to craft an item that would otherwise cost upwards of 350+ gold per upgrade to get one level one our weapons. No one levels accessories because the absurdly high price of the weapon alone means we won't be able to max weapon for at least anot
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