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  1. Don't forget the dance from the swimsuit. Forgot which one though
  2. The ears are not exclusive. They were released before and it's just a copy paste item id. Edit: mmm the ears are recolours too, but outfit =/= accessories.
  3. If you have any questions about the above comment i made, just reply. Does that answer everything for you though?
  4. Oh. when you were referring to I don't want to lose my current look after changing appearance. People will mistakenly take that as how can I save my current appearance. What you are asking can be done. But you would have to buy another character alteration down the road and use the saved appearance. What that video shows is how to save the appearance for when you want to make a new char or revert back to old appearance. All you have to do is go to character creation and click the photo thing on the bottom, from there you navigate to the appearance tab and hover over it and press apply. Regardl
  5. Turns out. This is a clipping due to my character preset... sigh QQ
  6. Hello, I recently bought the summer waves for my Jin. Anyways I noticed there was this weird triangle thing and didn't pay much attention to it (thought it was some design) until I got a closer look after I bought it and noticed that it's clipping (from the thigh). But if we look on this website: http://bns.power.plaync.com/wiki/%ED%95%B4%EB%B3%80%EC%9D%98%20%EB%A7%8C%EB%82%A8 http://bns.power.plaync.com/wiki/%ED%95%B4%EB%B3%80%EC%9D%98+%EC%97%B0%EC%9D%B8 for the respective costumes, we see no clipping on the thighs. I completely find th
  7. The founder's pack weapon is really nice on some classes. Destroyer especially. Yeah it would be a waste for it to disappear because of wanting to use new skin.
  8. Totally, this works as well! Added in first post.
  9. Most will get the costume before even hitting 150 corallites. Every weekend they will introduce a different corallite bundle as above post described. The 100 SS and 15 Corallite bundle IS better but IF AND ONLY IF you don't care about the swimsuit bundle. The current swimsuit bundle is 2 outfits (one for all races and one for Lyn that adds a bust, 1 hat, and 1 accessory for the outfit) and 50 corallites. If you like that outfit, 2 outfits, 1 hat, and 1 accessory for 2,000 Ncoin (or hongmoon coin)? That's a steal, the corallites included is just a bonus. If you don't care about that swimsuit, w
  10. This idea also works too. But have you considered that currently free players have troubles even holding up space? I don't have premium and I narrowed down which costumes to keep and what not to keep. I still run out of inventory when doing just a couple of dungeon runs. This idea would certainly work, but then imagine how many more wasted space will there be if there are a couple of weapons you like to have around. At higher levels it is a huge problem if you don't have premium or max inventory. It is a good idea, just needs to be worked on further to be improved.
  11. The new costumes introduced are: Strictly Business, Business Casual, Summer Groove, Summer Wave (will most likely be cheaper than Groove and comes with Lyn Variant and maybe a dance emote), Dive Team (is an event costume HOWEVER, it may be sold instead for us, this costume is suppose to be what Summer Time is), Shadow Guard (Junghado costume), Summer Time, and two recolours of originals, Lotus (white version of Obsidian Serpent; yehara mirage valor exchanger) and Finite Challenge (for those poor suckers who aren't infinitely challenged; dreadtide npc). Edit: said summer groove twic
  12. Nope. Only 7 or 8 new costumes. Rest already past costumes. It's the two business outfits, 2 outfits are recolours of existing (white obsidian serpent and finite challenge that are labelled wrong place in hongmoon store section). The two swimsuits. And I don't know the last one or two off by name.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. Yes it is frustrating that we don't have any improved system, but this is what this thread is for!
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