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  1. Stop spammin Y like a moron problem solved.
  2. Attention New Players stop complaining about being under geared and how NcWest needs to implement changes to make you happy. Every person who has played maxed gear or not has put in many hours of game play that you clearly haven't to achieve what they have it wasn't handed to them (in most cases). When Silver Frost patch came out Frozen stingers were over 3g each and moon stones averages around 2-3g each soul stones 30+ silver each currently stingers are around 40 silver and moonstones are 4g would you rather pay the old prices? Because you clearly need 4x the amount of stingers than moonstone
  3. Broken class needs to be nerfed too many iframes 2 sets of Q and E's definately needs a nerf as a BD you can't do shit to them time to quit BnS.
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